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3 Amazing Face Apps to Use When Making a Birthday Video

We've seen hundreds of thousands of birthday video messages come through our birthday video maker, and we must say that people and technology never cease to amaze us.

A girl smiling to take a selfie

When making a surprise birthday video for a friend, there's no better time to have fun exploring all the amazing apps you can use to take your birthday video gift to the next level.

Let's get you started with these three awe-inspiring Face apps that will surely make your happy birthday video an unforgettable one.


3 Best Face Swap Apps for a Birthday Video

REFACE - face swap app logo

REFACE: Face Swap Videos

Ex-Doublicat app

Amaze the birthday boy or girl by making them a star of a movie.

Trust us. It doesn't get funnier than swapping your friend's face for a celebrity and movie characters. The best part with Reface, it's now super easy to create hyper-realistic face swap videos and gifs with just one picture of your friend. Easily create a hilarious video with your friend's selfie and add it to their VidDay birthday video gift.

Face swap app for birthday videos

Reface app (formerly called Doublicat app) is now the 1# face swap app in the App Store.

Give it a try for free, and you'll quickly see what the hype is all about.

The Best Face Swap App:


MORPH - Face Story & Flipagram logo

MORPH: Face Story & Flipagram

Face morph video & slideshow

Face it. Our faces change drastically from a baby to adulthood.

With each birthday, our faces change, yet this transformation is so gradual that we don't get to see this aging happen in real time. Now, thanks to Morph, you can recreate this aging transition into one cool video.

With Morph, you can take your birthday friend's photos from baby to adulthood and easily have them morph in front of their eyes. This app offers great features such as; seamless morph transition, select or scan photos, adjustable AI, customizable cropping, rearrange photos by dragging, and add music from your library.

Face Story & Flipagram for birthday videos

Adding a Morph video project in a birthday video montage provided a great visual treat for everyone.

MORPH face story app is free to download in the App Store. Everyone is welcome to a free 3-day trial period of the Pro Unlimited in-app purchase.


LOL Movie app logo

LOL Movie

Change your face + voice!

When making a surprise birthday video, it's important to make the recipient laugh.

Thanks to the LOL Movie app, making the birthday boy or girl laugh has never been easier. It's fun, fast, and easy to turn your selfie video messages into hilarious movies. LOL offers striking funny faces and voice filters to make everyone laugh.

Funny face app for birthday videos

Have a blast saying "happy birthday" with a huge head or bulging eyes, with the voice of a chipmunk or gorilla. The app offers 35 hilarious face changers (17 free), 19 amazing effects (11 free), 11 hysterical voice changers (4 free). With so many combinations to try, it's guaranteed to make you and others laugh. LOL Movie app should be called LMAO Movie.


There's so much fun and love in making a surprise group birthday video with VidDay, from hysterical video selfies to rallying video messages from friends around the world to getting celebrity birthday shoutouts.

Creating a personalized birthday video is truly a memorable gift—cherished for many years to come.

For more creative ideas, check out these 5 amazing apps to record a creative birthday video message.

Final note, when it comes to recording a happy birthday message, the most important thing is not the filters or special effects, but what truly matters is that you're taking the time to share your warm wishes with a loved one.

Get started on a memorable group birthday video gift today!

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