The process is free to start which means that you can start a video without committing to payment. Once you’re ready to finalize your video, the cost will depend on the length of the final video.



  • HD video to share online

  • Downloadable HD MP4 video

  • Lots and lots of happy tears

  • Create an event page 

  • Add videos and photos 

  • Invite people to submit videos and photos 

  • Get friendly and helpful customer support

It’s our way to give back.

One dollar from every VidDay purchase goes towards the School Kids of Laos (SKL), a registered charity dedicated to building educational facilities in Laos.

The money donated from VidDay will be used to purchase essential materials that students need in order to learn and succeed. These school kits are delivered to students at one of SKL’s school building projects.

To learn more, visit


Most videos made by our customers are under 20 minutes. All prices are in USD.


0-9 minutes


10-19 minutes


20-29 minutes


30-39 minutes


40-49 minutes


50-59 minutes

Videos over 60 minutes will incur an additional $12 for every additional 10 minutes of length.

You’ll be gifting a school kit to a kid in need with every purchase. 

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