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Top 3 Creative Ways to Package a Video As a Gift

Yes, we are certainly biased, but speaking on behalf of our VidDay Team, we can all say that we are beyond passionate about spreading happiness and joy to the world, one video moment at a time.

So here are our top 3 ways to package your video gift because our grandparents still like to hold a tangible gift in their hands.

Customized DVD and USB Case Covers As a Gift

Custom made cover for DVD or USB case
Custom-made DVD or USB package for your video gift.

Get ready for some serious fun! When it comes to video gifts, personalized covers for DVDs and USBs take the excitement to a new level.

Picture this: you wrap it in a gift box with vibrant, festive paper, hand it over to the lucky recipient, and brace yourself for their epic, jaw-dropping reaction. It's like watching a fireworks display of joy and surprise!

With VidDay, you have the choice to request a personalized DVD or USB as a memorable memento.

It's a straightforward process - the cover is automatically customized with the recipient's photo, name, and the occasion. Just place your order and enjoy a unique design for each special event. It's truly an easy and personalized way to package a video gift as a DVD or USB.

Wooden or Earth-Friendly Gift Box With a Card and USB

How to turn a video into a gift?
Photo from Rice Studio Supplies

This one is my personal favorite since I like things made out of wood. Visit your local craft or dollar store to find a wooden box and fill it with cardboard stuffing, a USB flash drive (a.k.a. memory stick), a simple greeting card, and tissue paper.

How to turn a video into a gift? - You can write a nice little personal message on the card, and if you want to get as fancy as me, you can engrave the words "We Love You" on the lid of the box. Another idea is to use a wood stain to make designs or hearts.

Or, if you prefer to buy a pre-made handcrafted box, we suggest Rice Studio Supplies. All said and done —this makes for a pretty unique video gift.

Video gift idea: Do-It-Yourself DVD Cover or Label

How to give a video as a gift?
This is another idea I found on Pinterest

Transferring or burning your VidDay video to a DVD isn’t hard. If you are on an Apple computer using this tutorial, and if you are on a Windows computer, try this tutorial.

Once you have the DVD ready, there are a few different ways to go about decorating it. If you don't already have these items around your home, you can visit a craft or dollar store and get some neat and inexpensive materials. My daughter was excited to take out her markers once we showed her what she could decorate. She drew all sorts of fun designs and messages on the DVD top.

While turning a video into a gift this way, remember to use a soft-tipped sharpie or marker so that it won't scratch the disk. We used an empty Kleenex box with some fancy print for the pouch or sleeve of the disc. We flattened out the box and folded it in half. Then, we cut it into a square, half an inch larger than the DVD. Finally, I taped the edges together, and that was it!

We wrote a cute family message on the box, and the kids finished by decorating that, too. I suppose you could also reverse the cardboard and have the printed design on the outside. Have fun with it!

Video Books and LCD Screen Greeting Card

Video Books and LCD Screen Greeting Card for any occasion
VidDay Video books for any occasions

A video screen in a card! I know, right?! I was completely blown away and amazed when our Co-founder, Denis, showed us this possibility. VidDay offers personalized Video Books and LCD Greeting Cards for all occasions. The screens are nearly paper-thin and placed inside a greeting card. Prices for these vary depending on the size of the screen. You can likely save on buying a few at once. That way, you have a stash for future special occasions.

These cool cards come with easy instructions on how to load your group video gift. You can write a little message to the recipient; there you have it, a state-of-the-art gift!

It makes you wonder what's next. Hologram cards?


We hope you enjoyed our top 3 ways to turn your personalized video into a tangible gift for someone you care about. Now it's time to make a wonderful video tribute to your loved ones for any special occasion or life celebration. Thanks for reading!

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