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How To Record a Good Birthday Selfie Video Message

Recording a video message with a phone is easy to do, but sometimes the video doesn’t turn out quite as good as you would hope.

Here are 7 tips and tricks to help you achieve the best results when recording a selfie video message with your phone.

A guy taking a selfie with his phone

Selfie Time!

1. Use a Good Phone

I know I know... this one's obvious, but it's still worth mentioning. An 8-megapixel or better camera on the phone will record beautiful, high-quality video, so long as you keep your thumb away from the lenses. If you don't have a good enough phone, try asking a friend to use theirs quickly.

2. Speak Clearly And Not Too Fast

From being shy and stuttering to being too comfortable and relaxed, you might end up not expressing yourself properly. Make sure you get your message across to the recipient by replaying your video to yourself to double-check that you can understand the words you're saying. It’s totally normal to mess up your words (you're human), so be hard on yourself.

A woman taking a selfie in her home

3. Sound Check

Keep your hands clear of the built-in microphone on your phone while you’re recording a video. Always replay the video to listen at a medium volume setting. Try and record another video if you can't hear yourself loudly and clearly.

4. Keep It Steady

We suggest getting a hold of a good tripod if you’re having trouble with your handheld shooting skills. This is the best way to shoot a video if your hands are too shaky. If you don't have access to a tripod, try to keep the phone close to your body and use your body to absorb bounces and shakes. You can also use a nearby object to rest your elbows on while recording.

A couple taking a selfie on a couch

5. Shoot With Plenty of Light

This is one of the most important tips. Your friend is excited to see you in their VidDay video montage, so make sure they can see you! Avoid recording in a dimmed room. For best results, find a location with lots of natural light, like outside or a room with many windows.

6. Horizontal vs. Vertical

Recording a vertical selfie definitely feels more natural, but a horizontal video looks better on a computer and TV screen. It sometimes makes more sense to shoot a vertical video to capture more of yourself. But in most situations, especially when you want to capture the breathtaking background view, a horizontal video works best.

7. Have Fun And Look Alive

Remember, you're speaking to someone you know, so pretend they're right there with you. Don’t use a monotone voice, and take advantage of your tone and facial expression to amplify your message to the recipient. And it’s also okay to be weird. Weird is fun to watch!

We've seen thousands of video messages through our video gift app, VidDay, and we must say, when it comes to saying happy birthday and recording warm wishes for special occasions, the most important thing to remember is to not worry about the professional quality of your video message. When it's all said and done, what truly matters is that you’re taking the time to share your message with a video.

Looking for more video tips?! Check out our Ultimate Birthday Video Guide for even more tips and tricks for your video montage.


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