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Create a video to surprise a loved one.

Make a memorable video with friends and family to celebrate any occasion.


Video gifts made easy.

  • Upload video messages and photos
  • Get friends and family to contribute
  • Easy to share with the recipient
How It Works

The video maker for special days and special hoorays!

The perfect gift idea for a birthday, retirement, wedding or any occasion. Creating a VidDay is quick, easy and meaningful.

Start a video for someone you care about:

The quickest way to collect and compile media from friends and family!

Easily invite family and friends to submit video messages and photos to join in the celebration. All submissions are gathered in one place to view and manage.

No app download or editing skills needed.


Make your video extra special with a theme and music.

Capture the right mood by choosing one of our many themes and music. VidDay compiles your collected video clips and photos into a beautiful dynamic video montage to easily share anywhere.


VidDay plants one tree for every video sold!

We want our impact on the world to be bigger than spreading happiness through videos.

Not only do we give people a way to share a gift that is eco-friendly, but for every video sold, VidDay will plant one tree.

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Get Well videos are free!

Why free? We want to help you help someone in need. Support from friends and family can make a difference when fighting through or recovering from an illness.

Get Well Videos

Who has a birthday soon?

You can see a list of all your friend’s birthdays from your Facebook.

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VidDay is proud to be an eco-friendly, and sustainable gift.

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