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Top 5 Apps to Record a Creative Birthday Video Message

Let's take your surprise birthday video to the next level with these 5 fantastic apps.

We've put together 5 amazing 2022 apps to help make a creative happy birthday video message for a loved one. Personalized video messages are a great gift that can be given as a standalone or group video present. With these video apps by your side, you can create fun and unique birthday wishes to give your guest of honor a memory that will last them a lifetime.

These fun apps will help you unlock your creativity when recording your birthday video greeting.


My Talking Pet App — Let Your Pet Send Birthday Wishes

With My Talking Pet, you can easily bring pictures of your pet to life — and make them wish the cutest happy birthday ever.

App to make your pet talk and say happy birthday

Have your pup introduce themselves to you or watch your cat deliver some classic movie lines. There’s nothing cuter than your favorite pet wishing "happy birthday."

You can make a creative birthday video that is cute and quirky with this app and add an element of fun to your birthday wish with a talking animal.


Memmo App — Get Personal Celebrity Birthday Messages

You can easily get your friend's favorite celebrity to make a guest appearance in their surprise birthday video.
App for to get personalized celebrity birthday message

Get ready to be star-struck because, with Memmo, you can get a personalized birthday message from the recipient's favorite musician, movie star, athlete, or anyone you want and add it to your birthday video gift.

Give your loved one their ultimate fangirl moment with a customized birthday message just for them. Watch as their jaw drops when they see their favorite celebrity wishing them the best.

Memmo and Cameo lets ordinary people pay celebrities to record personalized messages for fans upon request — an exciting way to take a surprise birthday video to the next level.

Pro tip: Don't forget to record the lucky recipient's priceless reaction!


ReFace — Best Face Swap App for Birthday Messages

Want to record a birthday message as anyone or anything? Look no further than the impressive Reface app to become a celebrity, pop star or even a talking avocado.
App with face swap filters for birthday messages

Reface app's face morphing technology allows you to create realistic face swaps to put your face (or others) in any video, gif or image. You'll have a blast swapping faces and making any image move and sing happy birthday for a friend.

A really fun birthday clip idea is to take the birthday person's face and switch it with a celebrity to become a new person in a popular TV or movie scene. These face swap clips are ridiculously hilarious to insert a birthday video montage.

Face it — you need to try this.


VidDay App — Wish Happy Birthday In a Group Video

Want to easily collect everyones birthday wishes into one epic birthday surprise? Thanks to VidDay, it's never been easier to make a birthday video tribute for a loved one.
App to wish happy birthday in a group video

Easily You can pick from a selection of fun birthday video themes and background music, made just for that special birthday person. With one click you can compile birthday video messages, photos, and text cards into a professional dynamic video theme — no editing skills or app download needed.

Pro Tip: Insert all your creative birthday messages — from My Talking Pet, face swap clips from Reface, and celebrity shoutouts into one surprise birthday video montage wth VidDay.

Everyone can join in on the birthday celebration whether celebrating from a distance or nearby. Plus, the birthday video gift is a downloadable keepsake for the lucky recipient.


JibJab App — To Wish a Happy Birthday

With JibJab, you can create and send some hilarious birthday e-cards that will leave you in splits.

App to stick your face in a funny birthday e-card

Stick your (or their) face into any one of the numerous video options available, jam to some classic bops, and create a birthday video card that will keep them smiling all day.

Bonus App Pick:

InShot App — For Artistic Birthday Clips

Release your unlimited birthday creativity. InShot is a powerful all-in-one Video Editor and Video Maker with professional and more advance features.
App with video editing features to create artistic birthday video

Interject the emotional clips with funnier ones, put in the perfect background score to really get into the vibe, and create a seamless birthday video with InShot. You can add in filters, stickers, voice-overs, and so much more to create the perfect birthday video and do it all with the device in the palm of your hand.


From making your own home music video with friends and family to creating an epic montage tracing their life, your birthday video can be absolutely anything that you want it to be.

Turn on the waterworks by rallying loved ones from all over the globe, or take a stroll down memory lane with a group birthday video greeting with VidDay to give them a gift that they will never forget.

Check out our Ultimate Birthday Video Guide to learn how to create the best birthday video montage!


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