Created a group video for my parents 40th Anniversary and it was such a magical gift for them. Tears started flowing after probably just the 2nd or 3rd clip.

The site is super easy to use, just shared the link with everyone we wanted to invite, they recorded their clip from wherever they were (all across Canada in our case) and it gets uploaded right from there. Their team was super helpful as well, responding to my emails very quickly for a few people who got their clips in past the deadline and a few other questions I had. Final video was received right when they said it would. Great service, highly, highly recommend it to anyone!

- Jordan

Made a VidDay for my bestie.

Quick, easy, unique gift. Fast response to any questions I had. It's a memorable and personalized gift that lasts a lifetime. They will know you love them.

- Michelle

Wow! I was blown away by the quality of the video that was put together by this team of people!!  

It was so so good and much more than I had ever expected! Thank you so much for making my husbands birthday so special!! Cheers!

- Ashley

VidDay is such a good gift to give to anyone! 

My husband received one for his 30th birthday and it was so great seeing his reactions to all the people wishing him a happy birthday and sending their love. VidDay is so easy to use and the customer service is fantastic! Would highly recommend!

- Stephanie

We used VidDay to create a video for our parents' 65th wedding anniversary. 

What an amazing gift it turned out to be! My parents watch the video over and over again! The service we got from the VidDay crew was beyond amazing! We received prompt responses to questions and personal service! I am happy to help promote this company to all my friends and family! Thanks VidDay! Great job!

- Joanne

I sent a VidDay to a friend for her birthday. She loved it!

Touching, thoughtful, unique and memorable gift. Highly recommend that you send one to someone special in your life :)

- Simon

I have used VidDay a few times and every montage has been such a success! 

The VidDay team is extremely professional and available for any questions I had. Thank you for your beautiful work!

- Renée-Claire

My husband loved his VidDay!

There's no gift that could compare. Service was so friendly and they were always so quick to reply. I highly recommend. Also the website was very user friendly.

- Em Gee

There's nothing better. 

Easy to pass the message along, and it gets everyone close to the person to send a quick message within minutes. Best gift EVER!!!

- Serge

Receiving a VidDay was simply the best.

This beats getting a card or gift. So thoughtful! Especially when family and friends live so far away.

- Isabelle

My wife and I packed our bags and are now exploring Europe.

When traveling light, VidDay makes the perfect birthday surprise! Friends and the whole family were able to send their best wishes from home! Plenty of fun and easy to use! My wife is sure to watch again and again while we're away.

- Ian

I've made multiple VidDays and they've always been a huge hit with my friends and family.

Highly recommended as a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

- Madeline

One of the most thoughtful things I've ever received! 

What a great reminder of the amazing people in my life; although the VidDay I have is now a couple birthdays old, I still watch it, grateful for the memories and people it reminds me of.  I'd write more about how awesome this app is, but instead I'm going to film another VidDay clip for an upcoming 40th — I know they will love it as much as I did!

- Danelle

So hard finding the perfect gift. 

Have to say that this one tops the cheezy cards I have always got my mom. Plus made my sisters jealous. #whosthefavouritechildnow

- Bryce

LOVE VidDay. LOVE the concept. 

LOVE how simple it is & LOVE watching it come to life. BIGTIME shoutout to the team — thank you thank you thank you!

- Laneil

This is an awesome birthday video compilation for friends and family!! 

Show how much you appreciate them ❤️

- André

VidDay is a wonderful gift! 

Having received a VidDay and given some, I can honestly say that no birthday card, anniversary card or congratulatory card could ever compare!

- Rose-MArie

I can't begin to say how awesome this is!

Super easy, and personable. They were accommodating and great to deal with. I definitely recommend VidDay to everyone. Thank you for making my special video for my dad's 65th birthday!

- Jackie

INCREDIBLE!! What an inspirational platform. Highly recommended if you want to give an incredible surprise to a loved friend or family member, this is the service to use. 

Make sure you have some tissues around because the tears will be pouring. VidDay — thanks for making the process so easy. This is a memory that my girlfriend will never forget. In a world that needs some more positivity, you are definitely making a positive impact.

- Mike

VidDay is such a great gift for anyone! The quality of the videos are amazing and they’re designed with thought.

The web app is very easy to use. Watching the person's reaction is priceless, from laughing, crying to embarrassment. I have used VidDay a lot and will continue using for birthdays, retirement parties and welcome home parties.

- Solaine

Such a great gift! Made a VidDay for my parents 40th anniversary and they were so touched.

The mix of funny and heartfelt messages while being so personable and easy to use makes for the best gift. Highly recommend to all!

- Dominique

Absolutely LOVED my VidDay! My friend was so touched by it!


It’s so beautiful to see everyone faces and hear all those kind words in one vid! Definitely an amazing thing to keep! Customer support was amazing! Always replied to all my questions right away! Very professional!

- Anne-Claire

VidDay is amazing! A great way for friends and family to share their love.


Easy process and they're always quick to respond to any questions you may have. Highly recommend VidDay for any special event!

- Roger

VidDay was the perfect gift for my dad's 50th!


Everyone we shared the link with was excited to participate and since they were old friends from far and wide it made for such a meaningful gift. Thanks VidDay for the great service!

- Rachelle

I was lucky enough to receive a VidDay video on my 30th birthday and it seriously brought me to tears.


The video was put together so seamlessly and soooo many people from all over the world were able to send me heartfelt, meaningful birthday wishes. I'm so happy that I'll be able to look back on this video for years to come. Truly one of the sweetest gifts I've ever received. :)

- Janelle

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