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Have a look at our video themes that you can use to make a personalized video gift.

Our Original Themes


A beautiful way to bring people together in the background scenes with screenshots taken from submitted media.

Dark Collage

The background scenes are subtly populated with screenshots from submitted media with a spotlight on the foreground.

Light Collage

The background scenes are subtly populated with screenshots from submitted media with a spotlight on the foreground.


Less is more with a simple black background.

Gift Wrap

Get the party started with a variety of colorful gift wrap backgrounds that are perfect for any celebration.


An assortment of paper floral arrangements create stunning backgrounds that even a bee would appreciate.


Backgrounds of bright and colorful watercolor paintings to delight the artist in everyone.

Fossil Fun

Dig into a world of dinosaur discoveries with a collection of fun prehistoric backgrounds.


A variety of cute and cuddly backgrounds that will make anyone say "awww."

Art Deco

Indulge in the roaring twenties with these Great Gatsby inspired backgrounds.

Seasonal Themes

Festive Collage

The Festive Collage theme uses screenshots from video clips and photos that you and contributors upload and places them at random in the backgrounds—with a festive look and feel.

Holiday Glow

Capture the magic of the holidays with festive lights dancing around a serene evening backdrop.

Holly Jolly

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than to celebrate everything that makes Christmas so special. These unique Christmas wrapping paper patterns create festive backgrounds for your video clips and photos.

Happy Hanukkah

Celebrate Hanukkah with fun patterns that are the perfect backdrop for your video clips and photos. Chag urim sameach!

Ugly Sweater

In 2000, a couple of Canadian fellas organized the first ugly Christmas sweater party. The idea soon spread all over Canada and the US, and later around the world. Twenty years later, and what might be the most fun Holiday tradition is now woven into our culture.

Winter Breeze

The Winter Breeze theme is an abstract approach to capture the beauty of an endearing winter wonderland. A cold color palette, balanced with a splash of warm tones, creates a feeling of comfort on a frosty day—like drinking hot chocolate on a winter stroll.

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