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Celebrate Your Kid's Birthday with a Special Video Surprise

The laughing, the shouting, the running, the playing—all ringing out from neighborhood kids, friends from school, sports teammates, childhood pals, and probably even from kids who you’ve never seen before in your life but assume must have been invited.

Celebrating daughter's birthday with a surprise video gift

Use VidDay’s Easy and Fun Video Maker to Brighten Your Child’s Big Day

Yeah, a children’s birthday party is absolutely all sorts of chaos, but isn’t it also the BEST kind of chaos?

COVID-19 has changed pretty much everything about the way we live our lives, and that includes our ability to gather around a beautiful birthday cake and watch our kids attempt to blow our candles.

It may not be possible right now to bring the entire neighborhood together for rip-roaring birthday parties and shenanigans, but you can still give your child a meaningful, fun, and touching celebration!

VidDay makes it easy and fun to create a group birthday video that includes well-wishes and messages from all of your child’s friends and family!

Girl surprised by a birthday video made for her as a gift from her friends and family.

It’s Like Hosting a Virtual Surprise Party

There’s a very specific look that kids get on their faces when everyone pops out says, “Surprise!”

Yeah, it’s pretty great, right? It’s like some sort of wild combination of excitement, shock, and joy (and, let’s be honest, a little fear).

VidDay can help bring that special moment to your child easily and safely.

It’s SO easy to collect video greetings from friends, parents, aunts, uncles, teammates, cousins, coaches, and whoever else you think the birthday kid may want to hear from. They can be anywhere across the entire world and in any time zone—an added perk!

You can collect them all digitally, compile them into a fun video montage, and then have an exciting and personal surprise ready for them on the big day.

It’s sad to not have everyone together hooting and hollering, but a special VidDay video gift will certainly bring a great big smile to any young one’s face.

Plus, between us, it might be nice to not have to worry about sending out invitations, coordinating rides with parents, booking venues or entertainment, and keeping everything straight. Best of all, you don’t have to spend every last ounce of energy you have cleaning up messes that are comprised of who knows what (all you know is that it’s sticky everywhere—and sticky is never good).

A surprise VidDay birthday video is guaranteed to deliver great big birthday smiles!

Making Special Birthday Video Montages Is So Darn Easy

Creating special birthday video montages that make your kid jump up and down out of excitement (or at the very least clap their hands, probably) could not be easier!

No downloads are necessary, and no software is needed—heck, you don’t have to have any video editing or creative skills! VidDay makes it so simple you won’t believe your eyes (and neither will your kid).

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, okay, they SAY it’s easy…”

Here, we’ll prove it:

Step 1: Create a Birthday Event Page

Step 1: Create a Birthday Event Page for your child's birthday.
Easily get setup in a few clicks!

VidDay will create an Event Page that is dedicated specifically to your child’s birthday. This is your home base. It’s where everyone’s special birthday message videos will be kept.

It has all of the information you need:

  • Whose birthday it is

  • The deadline for video and photo contributions

  • All the uploaded video clips and photos (from you and contributors)


Step 2: Invite People to Contribute.

Step 2: Invite people to contribute to your child's surprise birthday video.
It's easy to get everyone to join in the surprise!

Who do you think your child would want to have them wish a happy birthday?

The answer is, of course, everyone in the entire world! But stopping short of inviting the entire population to submit their good wishes, you can invite as many people as you want to contribute.

All you have to do is send them the special link VidDay creates for your birthday event.

  • You can send the link via email, text, or whatever

  • Contributors can record a unique message from any device or upload an existing video or photo

  • Recording and uploading videos or images takes mere minutes!

  • The uploaded videos and images will appear automatically on your birthday Event Page for you.


Step 3: Edit and Arrange

Step 3: Edit and arrange the birthday video messages and photos.
Easily manage all birthday wishes and photos!

Once everyone has contributed videos or images that confirm just how awesome your child is, you can get to work making your video montage.

VidDay requires no editing talent or software. All you have to do is put the videos and photos in the order you want and make sure everything looks and sounds great!

  • Crop images (if you want)

  • Edit video lengths (if you want)

  • Arrange media in a specific order (if you want)

  • Choose background music and video theme


Step 4: Time for a Birthday Surprise!

Step 4: Time for a birthday surprise!
The surprise birthday video is easy to share and keep forever.

Okay, so your child’s special birthday video is all done. You’ve received everyone’s contributions, you’ve edited and arranged how you like, and now you’re ready to finish.

This is the best part! With the tap of a button, you can finalize the video gift.

  • You’ll be provided a special link for your birthday video to share online

  • You can download the video and save it as a souvenir

  • You can even post the video to Facebook so that more people can see it

See? We told you it was easy!


Their Birthday May Be Different, But It Can Still Be Great

There are lots of events and occasions that are different this year, but the ones that affect our children are certainly the most important.

Birthdays are such a highlight in a child’s life. Regardless of the circumstances, our world has thrust upon us, and it’s so vital that we put in time and effort to ensure our children are making positive memories.

Luckily, VidDay is here to help you.

There may be no big sugary cake, no running and yelling kids, no spilled soft drinks (again, STICKY), and no hugs and high fives, but that doesn’t mean your child’s birthday celebrations can’t be fun, meaningful, and full of loving surprises!

VidDay Makes for Better Birthdays

Just imagine the look on their little face when they receive so many birthday wishes all at once.

Moments like that are ones that we treasure and hold dear, and right now those moments are more important than ever.

VidDay can help make sure that your child’s birthday is one to remember!


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