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Why Online Gifts and Meaningful Celebrations Have Become the New Norm

The pandemic has changed the future of gift-giving — for the better.

A mother and daughter watching their VidDay video gift.

According to Google, there was an 80% increase in global searches for “online gift” from 2019 to 2020.


We spent birthdays, graduations, Christmas, and other holidays in lockdown. Without FaceTime, most of us started to shift our focus from buying stuff to creating experiences and memories.

Attempts to make up for lost celebrations led to searches like “how to celebrate birthday meaningfully” and “anniversary video maker” growing by up to 200%.

Despite the past year's challenges, we’re excited to celebrate this change.


A woman watching her VidDay video gift.

A Game Console? A New Bag? Or an Online Video Gift? You Chose, We Listened

Through the pandemic, we’ve seen over a 10,000% increase in business (all thanks to you).

VidDay started with birthday celebrations, but the meaningful gift initiative has expanded far beyond that. From Christmas to Get Well videos to graduations, we’re seeing more people forgo an expensive watch or new phone for an online gift with sentimental value.

From banging pots and pans at 7 pm to thanking healthcare workers by putting up drawings and signs on our windows, we’ve adapted how we show appreciation.


More Meaningful Gifts That Don’t Break the Bank (After You’ve Made a VidDay, of Course)

So you’ve made your VidDay video gift. They loved it. It was such a meaningful celebration, and you’re now the favorite aunt/friend/father/neighbor there is. What next?

Other meaningful gifts help people celebrate during a pandemic — and beyond!

A baby elephant running on dirt.
Source: Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Adopt a *Insert Their Favorite Animal Here*

A big element of a meaningful gift is demonstrating how well you know the recipient.

While they may not be able to see their favorite wildlife at the zoo or on safari right now, they can still support them.

Whether your loved one cares about rhinos, elephants, lions, or even bumblebees, a donation in their name for this cause will warm their heart.

A selection of HelloFresh, with boxes, fruit, vegetables, and meats.
Source: HelloFresh

Membership or Subscription to a Museum, Outlet, or Service

Experiences and knowledge are two things no one can ever turn down.

Do they love crocheting? Buy a subscription to a crafts magazine. Always poking their head into the local museum (or using their online services during the pandemic)? Make them a member for the year.

Or perhaps they’re a foodie missing their fancy meals? Meal prep kits like Good Food and HelloFresh are available worldwide and can help them recreate the restaurant spirit in their home.

Anna Wintour talking in her MasterClass
Source: MasterClass

Allow Them to Learn a New Skill With a Master

The pandemic has given plenty of people the opportunity to learn a new skill, whether baking banana bread or learning to play the guitar.

But what if it was Gordon Ramsay that could teach you to cook or Anna Wintour teaching you how to harness your creativity? The ultimate meaningful online gift combines value and awe.

Platforms like MasterClass and Skillshare are bringing experts to your home. Do you have a friend or family waiting for the perfect time to start that new hobby? This is it.

Have you received or given a meaningful gift missing from this list? Tag us in your story on Facebook for a chance to win a free VidDay!


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