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Best Birthday Surprise to Make as a Group

What do people really want for their birthday? That seems like a tough question...

But in reality, we found that the answer is quite simple. People just want love and appreciation from the people in their lives. Not some gadget or thingamajig that ends up forgotten in the corner of the house a few weeks later.

Two girl making a birthday video on their laptop
Get everyone’s happy birthday wishes into a surprise video.

Showing someone that they're loved by friends and family is a special gift in itself and can have a positive impact on their life.

Making a VidDay video montage is like getting a group greeting card that everybody signs, except with video messages instead of written messages.

It can also be like throwing a surprise birthday party. It's a great way to gather people together to celebrate someone. But unlike a surprise party, a video montage is much easier because you don't need to worry about the logistical nightmare of planning and organizing an actual party.

A video montage is especially impactful if some of those friends and family members live far away and cannot visit. So no matter what city they live in, everyone can come together in celebration.

Rallying friends and family into a birthday video is a memorable keepsake for the recipient.

Each video montage is unique because they're made up of funny, kind, and heartfelt video messages made especially for the recipient.

It's a gift that they could never buy or make for themselves. Inviting people to collaborate on a surprise birthday video acts as a gesture that says:

We care about you and want to celebrate you!

A collaborative birthday video is a great way to surprise someone and gives everyone the chance to express their love and gratitude all in one video collage.

Imagine all their friends and family from around the world coming together into a video made especially for them. It may honestly be the best way to make someone feel on top of the world.

This type of gift is perfect for someone who does not need any more stuff. For someone who values relationships and experiences over possessions. Make a video and make them feel incredible.


Collaborate on a video montage as a meaningful gift

Not sure how to make or edit a surprise birthday video?

No worries. We got you covered!

Our video gift maker allows anyone, no matter their technical skills, to deliver an unforgettable, hilarious, and often heartwarming video montage made with friends and family.

Simply invite people to submit video messages, and VidDay makes the video montage for you.

It's that easy!


Curious about how these video montages look like? Check out these examples:

30th Birthday Video

50th Birthday Video

25th Birthday Video

60th Birthday Video

Click here to start a birthday video in less than a minute.

Happy video-making and don't forget to check out our Ultimate Guide to Birthday Video Making!



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