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The Ultimate Anniversary Video Guide

Make an Anniversary Video as a gift with VidDay.

Every partner or the couple has a story — gather found memories, cherished stories, and memorable moments all in one video celebration. It's more than just a video celebrating a momentous occasion together.

Anniversary video guide

Here at VidDay, we love helping people celebrate their anniversaries. So we've created this handy ultimate anniversary video guide to help you make the best surprise anniversary video with no editing skills required. So now it's easy for anyone to create a beautiful anniversary group video to surprise the beautiful couple.

This ultimate anniversary video guide has everything you need to celebrate an unforgettable anniversary.

Let's start with how to make an anniversary video gift with VidDay.

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How to Make an Anniversary Video in 3 Easy Steps with VidDay

Making an anniversary video with VidDay

Invite Friends and Loved Ones

After you've set up your account and created an event page to celebrate your partner or that couple, it's time to get inviting! Send an invitation to their friends, family, and all of their loved ones who want to celebrate.

Invite as many people as you wish — the more, the more powerful your video will be.

A peak inside the anniversary video VidDay app

Receive Videos Clips and Photos

All the video clips and pictures are collected in your VidDay account.

Everything is displayed on your Anniversary Event Page. Here is where you can drag and drop the photos and videos in any order you want. You can also add in-text cards, choose your video theme and background music, and edit any pictures or videos you want.

Don't worry; no editing skills are required, and you can edit as much or as little as you want.

happy for you two anniversary video with VidDay

Share the Surprise!

It's time for us to work our magic.

VidDay will create your memorable anniversary video montage. It's time to smile — send the surprise video to the lucky recipient.

Share the video during their anniversary party and gather all their loved ones to give them a gift full of memories. You can share your VidDay Anniversary Video via email — copy and paste the link and send it to them and all of their friends and family. Share the video on social media!

Don't forget to tag them and us. We love seeing people's reactions. Send us a video clip of your partner or the special couple's reaction to [email protected] — it's what we love the most about our job!

See how to share your VidDay here.


Anniversary Video Ideas

Tell the Story of Love

Give an anniversary gift that is so memorable that they'll speak about it for years to come.

Speak from the heart and celebrate those precious moments that your partner or the couple have spent together. Look through your camera roll to find highlights of their relationships through video or photos.

Celebrate those cherished moments. What's unique about a video is that you can add words to your images that share how you feel. Including text allows you to express how you feel about your partner or the couple.

Not sure what to say in an anniversary video?

Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. It can be hard to know what anniversary greetings, wishes, or messages you should say to someone you care for on their anniversary. This is what we love to do — helping you find those oh-so-perfect words for anyone in your life! Generate some anniversary wishes.

Milestone Anniversaries

Give the gift of love for a milestone anniversary. Whether you're celebrating a milestone anniversary or a six-month anniversary, celebrate it with a VidDay video gift.

Surprise your special couple or partner — get everyone in on the love. Celebrate the years that the loving relationship has gone on with photos and videos from friends and family.

Take the special couple back throughout the years, showing them how far they've come.

Reminisce on the Good Memories

Have friends and family reminisce about the upcoming anniversary and the fun memories they shared with the couple.

Have friends and family speak about a trip they took together or that one night they went out to dinner, and you wouldn't believe what happened. However, there is no right or wrong way to make an anniversary video.

A video gift should be an expression of your love. That special couple will be just as touched if it's meaningful to you.

Watch this short explainer video about getting started on an anniversary video gift with VidDay:


Tips on How to Make an Anniversary Video

Inside the anniversary video VidDay app

Plan it Out

Before you begin, think about how you'll want to organize your video.

Will the videos and photos be chronological, starting from when they first met? Or do you want to show their progression from childhood until now?

You can show their relationship from each other's perspective or keep it as them as a couple. You can do it all with our drag-and-drop video editors on your VidDay Event Page.

Think of the flow you want to create and drag and drop away!

Edit Your Video

Make sure your submissions are the right length.

  • Is there dead air?

  • Is there space left at the end?

Don't worry — you can trim off the excess in our video editor. Or, if you want, we can take care of that for you! Just let us know.

We recommend breaking up your videos with pictures. We recommend adding three photos before or after a two-minute video. It's not a hard rule, just something we like, but get creative and see what you want.

Choose a Cover Photo

Select a fantastic photo of your partner or the beautiful couple for a cover photo.

This photo is on all of your submission invitations. It helps to add a personal touch for those you want to participate. If you can't find enough images on your own, ask your friends and family to upload their favorite photos of your partner or the special couple.


Anniversary Video Editing Tips & Tricks

Editing anniversary videos inside the VidDay app

Personalize your Anniversary Video

VidDay lets you match the couple's personality to select beautiful themes. Choose any theme that matches their taste and personality — add in some text cards to make a smooth progression.

Add bright colors and a fun theme for that fun-loving couple, or keep it more neutral for a more elegant feel for that special someone. Give your video the pizzazz it deserves — from our most popular Collage Theme to our Watercolor theme. There are many to choose from that will fit everyone's tastes.

Check out our themes here.

Photo and Video Editors

All the special couple uploads will be on your VidDay Event Page. You can edit and adjust these photos and video clips from here with our VidDay editor.

You can edit off extra time off a video, flip and rotate or leave them just the way they are. Make your Anniversary video gift a little more special by choosing filters for photos and crop them how you see fit.

Check our how-to guide on making beautiful photos with our photo editor here.

Choose the Best Anniversary Music

Pick a tune that strikes the right mood or makes you think of your partner or that special couple. Whether you want a feel-good kind of theme or some classic charm, our music library allows you to choose any background music that suits that special someone's personality.


Ready to Create an Anniversary Video?

Let's get started on making your one-of-a-kind gift! ♥

Do You Need Help with VidDay?

We offer friendly and helpful customer service; we are here to make you smile with anything needed. Email us anytime or use our live chat to speak with a live customer service representative.


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