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7 Eco-Friendly Ideas For a Kid's Birthday During Lockdown

We can help you celebrate your kid's birthday even during a lockdown.

The current Coronavirus pandemic changed many things in our lives. However, for people who are living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, it might present more difficulties. We have to juggle between not creating unnecessary waste (especially plastic) while keeping our families safe.

Nevertheless, life's important occasions continue. We shouldn't completely halt our celebrations. Let's adapt and keep celebrating happy moments. Appreciating milestones and achievements is more necessary now than ever before during a pandemic.

Kids having fun baking cookies in chefs hats

Let's Continue Celebrating!

Children look forward to their birthdays all year long. They don't deserve to lose a birthday celebration because of the pandemic. Get inspired by our 7 eco-friendly ideas for you to celebrate your kids' birthday even during a lockdown. Lots of fun can be had at home without going anywhere and without harming the environment.

The biggest challenge is that our kids might not get to see their friends on their quarantined birthday. The good news is, there are lots of ways to make their birthday special without having guests.

Celebrate your kid's birthday virtually by connecting with friends and family members online for fun activities and games.


Instead of using traditional plastic decorations that pollute the world, think a little more greener.

Decorate your house with natural ornaments. Your home will feel special all day without harming the planet. Go outside and find flowers, branches, pine cones, even pebbles. If you're feeling brave, you can make confetti from leaves!

Pick what is available according to the season and your environment. Instead of buying plastic banners, you could sew one with the birthday girl or boy's name on it and use it for years to come.


Pretend you're having guests over and place snacks around the house—just like a real party.

Prepare your children's favorite dishes and let them feel special at every meal. And don't forget the cake with candles!


Kids love to get their hands dirty. In the morning, you can plan eco-friendly activities that will also teach your children about the importance of recycling, composting, gardening, or other topics.

Not only will they enjoy these creative projects, but they'll also appreciate the act of doing something positive for the environment.

Here's a list of activities you can choose.


Mom and daughter watching their vidday video gift

1. Make a Surprise Birthday Video With Friends

Bring your kid's friends together in one video as a fun surprise!

With VidDay, you can easily make a surprise bday video without any editing skills or app download.

Contact the parents and ask them to record and submit a video message of their kid. Everyone can participate from the comfort of their home. VidDay compiles submissions into one big, happy, and memorable video gift to play at home on their birthday during the lockdown.

You can get started on a surprise Birthday Video here.


homemade recycled paper for a birthday activity

2. Homemade Recycled Paper

Teach your children about recycling by making recycled paper. This is an easy and fascinating project.

You will only need old paper, water, fine mesh or cloth, a blender, and a rolling pin. Add some natural dyes like beets, purple cabbage, blueberries, etc. You can also add seeds, so you can plant the paper after you are done using it.

To make the paper, you need to cut the paper into small pieces, mix with water, and blend well. Strain the resulting mix to get rid of excess water.

Put the strained pulp on the mesh or cloth, use the rolling pin to extend it. Adjust the thickness of the paper, and drain excess water with towels or other absorbing material. Then, leave the paper to dry.

Feel free to reference the steps from this great How to Make Recycled Paper Wikihow post.


make a cardboard house for a kid's birthday

3. Upcycled Cardboard House

Do you have a lot of boxes and cardboard around the house?

Use them in an exciting project where you create new toys with your children. They'll be reusing old materials while being creative as they decide what they want to make. You can let them paint everything according to their little heart's desire.

Get inspired with these 26 amazing cardboard houses for kids.


plant a home garden for a birthday activity

4. Plant an Indoor Garden

It can be very beneficial for children to take on the responsibility of caring for something.

Having plants around is not only good for you and your family, but also for the planet. Talk to your kids about how plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen.

Get your hands dirty and plant some seeds. Think of plants that are easy to maintain and grow relatively fast. Pick herbs, maybe tomato and pepper plants, as they do not need that much space.


make a seed bomb as a birthday activity

5. Make Seed Bombs

While you're already playing with dirt, stay at it. Prepare seed bombs for when you're ready to go out again.

Then, your children can plant seeds in areas where there isn't enough green. It's important to source seeds from local native plants so that they don't need special conditions to thrive.

You'll need potting soil, clay, native seeds, and water. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, and add enough clay to make bombs that won't crumble. The balls should be around the size of a cherry. Make as many as you can, and let them dry. They'll be ready to use when the quarantine is over.


make a upcycled bird feeder for a birthday

6. Upcycled Bird Feeder

You could purchase a kit to make a beautiful bird feeder. Or, exercise your creative muscle and use materials that you're not using anymore.

You can even use items that would otherwise go to recycling like plastic bottles, a can, a juice carton, an old pot, and endless other options.

Look at these creative homemade birdfeeders to get inspired!


virtual children's birthday party

7. Virtual Children's Birthday Party

Despite the current situation, we're lucky that it's easy to connect online with friends.

Schedule a virtual afternoon party with friends. The birthday kid can show off projects they made and teach others what they have learned about recycling, gardening, etc.

Even though each kid is stuck at home, they can still have fun, talk, sing, dance, and watch the birthday kid blow the candles on their cake. Check out our handy guide on video birthday making!


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