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Why Create Employee Onboarding Videos

The power of video is rising.

Did you know that in 2021, a typical person will spend up to 100 minutes each day watching videos? Don’t let your company be left behind. Instead, think ahead and see how to incorporate videos into your organization.

Employee onboarding videos

Video is being used more and more frequently to onboard new employees. Additionally, the use of video is useful for employees who work remotely, in hybrid, or in the office. This allows your current training staff the option to work from home, hybrid, or in the office, as videos allow for flexibility.


What Are Onboarding Videos?

Onboarding videos are another way to onboard new employees. The use of video is now used more and more by organizations of all sizes and types. These onboarding videos are similar to an onboarding process that would normally take part in person.

However, by creating your onboarding videos, you have complete control of the narrative and how and what is being said during the onboarding process. As a result, there is the ability to have stronger quality control over the content and its approach. This ensures that each new employee has the same onboarding experience.

Companies have always used corporate videos to provide training to their employees. However, it's now that employers have embraced video and realized a video is an essential tool for the onboarding process, especially when dealing with remote or hybrid employees.


Why Use Video in The Onboarding Process?

Employee onboarding videos are a great resource and time-saver. Video captivates, communicates, engages, and captures the new employee's interest. Video also helps to create and boost company culture.

Onboarding videos allow the new employee to pause, take notes, and re-watch something.

Video onboarding has many advantages, including:

  • Allowing employees to integrate new knowledge by viewing training materials on demand.

  • Give employees new knowledge and training materials on demand.

  • Save money. Having the ability to onboard employees at scale without having to have someone there.

  • Consistency. Even if your teams are dispersed through many offices or locations, give a consistent message.

  • Videos capture nuances that are otherwise lost. The 'engagement factor' of video allows you to show the nuances in staff culture and procedures in your organization.

  • Save time. You don't need to be there; a training manager doesn't need to be there. Videos allow employees to go through the process at their own pace and think about questions.

  • Update. Updating your videos as needed or as the company changes are easy.


What Should an Onboarding Video Include?

Colleague saying hi in an onboarding

Company Overview and Welcome

An onboarding video might be the first touchpoint you have with the new hire to explain their company and expectations. Think of this video as your website's introduction or about us section.

Go over the history, their goals as new employees, and how they as an individual contribute to the company overall.

To demonstrate the business culture, enlist the help of other employees in your employee onboarding video. You can have people from different departments and teams welcoming the new hire and discussing work-life at your company.

Last but certainly not least, your leadership team should be involved. They each should record a welcoming message for new employees.

A Personal Message From the CEO

Getting the organization’s CEO involved in the onboarding process can go a long way to making a new employee feel welcomed and part of the team.

It's as simple as asking the CEO to discuss the company's history. It won't take up too much of the CEO's time and will go a long way to help your new hires feel appreciated and welcomed into the company.

Company Culture and Policies

New employees expect you to let them know what the rules are. It's hard to emphasize the importance of providing new employees with this information. Typically hiring managers, HR managers, or training staff go over all the rules and policies by giving them face-to-face training or simply providing them with a lot of paperwork to go through.

Your new employee can get very overwhelmed when handed booklets or a stack of paper to go through. So your new hires are more likely to either skip over it or not retain enough information.

This is when a video comes into play.

During Your Onboarding Process, There Should Be Videos That Include

  • Code of conduct

  • Workplace harassment policy

  • Non-discrimination policy

  • Cybersecurity policy,

  • Any other policies

Giving the overview of all your policies in a video format is much easier for that new employee to digest. Of course, you can still follow up the video with additional paperwork, but your new employee will retain the information better through the power of video.


How do You Make a Good Onboarding Video?

inside the vidday app for onboarding

VidDay allows you and your team to create and collaborate on video content for your onboarding process. VidDay makes it easy to create the best onboarding experience for your new employees and helps them know more about your organization's policies and culture and the goals you have set for them.

Step 1: Invite Colleagues & Coworkers to Participate

You have several options when it comes to creating your onboarding. Do you want to make it alone? Or are you getting others involved? As suggested above, we recommend getting other team members and management involved.

It's simple to get others involved. You need to send them a unique link that VidDay has created specifically for you. Here is where they can upload their portion of the onboarding video. Don't worry; you don't need to send them out in any particular order.

Step 2: Receive Videos Clips

Don't worry, you have complete control of the order of the videos in your account. With VidDay's easy drag and drop function, you can put the video clips in any order you want or whichever flow you feel is best.

There are also great professional themes to choose from, plus you can add some background music to specific clips or throughout the entire video. It's your choice.

Step 3: Video Clips are Compiled For You

It's now VidDay's turn to make your professional onboarding videos.

Yes, it's as easy as that.

In a matter of no time, you'll get professional videos for all your business needs. Your new onboarding videos can be downloaded onto your computer to add to your system or email to the new hires. The choice is yours. Learn more about getting started with VidDay here.

With more Millennials and Gen Z taking on leadership responsibilities in organizations, it's not surprising that the power of video is more recognized in the workplace. It's time to create your onboarding experience for new employees!

Contact VidDay to discuss how we can help you create professional onboarding videos.

Contact us today at [email protected].


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