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How to Easily Create a Memorial Slideshow

Something you can do to help process the grief is by creating a memorial slideshow. It's a way to pay tribute to your loved one and something that everyone can join in on. It's an opportunity for you to say your final goodbyes.

Memorial slideshows are a way to remember treasured moments and memories in the life of someone who has passed away.

memorial candle for funeral slideshow

Memorial slideshows are often used at funerals, wakes, and celebrations of life. By making a memorial slideshow, you can honor their life together with friends and family. Here are some tips on how to easily create a memorial slideshow to celebrate the life of your loved one.


5 Tips to Use While Making a Memorial Slideshow

1. Choose the Tone of the Slideshow

Considering the circumstances, you’d like to make your memorial slideshow as serious as possible.

Instead of having the tone of your memorial slideshow focus on the loss, focus on the good. Choose to make the tone of your memorial slideshow focus on celebrating their life.

choosing a memorial video theme

Celebrate their life with an uplighting and cheerful theme, like VidDay’s Above the Clouds theme. Include photos of them at the happiest times in their life. Adding in moments from their many milestones and accomplishments over their lifetime.

2. Choose Photos for the Slideshow

Tell the story of one's life with images. Go through all your photo albums and camera roll to find the best photos of your loved one. Then, you can upload them to your memorial slideshow with a click of a button. What's even better is that you can ask others for help. Easily send a link to friends, family, and even old colleagues to upload any photos they have.

collecting memorial messages

You can also include any videos that you may have of them. Or ask people to submit a video message of them speaking of their best memories of that person. It will create a beautiful memorial slideshow filled with memories you can watch anytime.

3. Add in Some Quotes or Words of Wisdom

Adding in some quotes or words of wisdom is simple with VidDay's memorial slideshow maker. You can easily insert text cards anywhere you'd like. You can add profound comments or quotes that your loved one always enjoyed. It's a great way to have their spirit infused into the slideshow.

4. Use the Perfect Music in the Slideshow

Music has always evoked emotions. So, choosing the right music to add to your memorial slideshow is the perfect way to hit the right mood. VidDay offers a variety of instrumental tracks that will not pull away attention from the slideshow but add to it.

choosing a memorial slideshow background

There is a wide variety of tracks to choose from in VidDay's music library. You'll surely find something that will fit perfectly with the memorial slideshow and their personality. Adding the right music gives your memorial slideshow a polished look and feel.

5. Get the Right Software

It's better to use a memorial slideshow maker that is easy and simple. You have enough on your plate and don't need to be bogged down by overly complicated software. This is why people use and trust VidDay to create a thoughtful and professional memorial slideshow.

With a click of a button, you'll be on your way to creating a one-of-a-kind memorial slideshow. Don't worry — no editing skills are required. VidDay does all the heavy lifting for you.


Commemorate Your Loved One In a Memorial Slideshow

Celebrate the life of your loved one with a memorial slideshow. Collaborate with friends and family to create a memorial slideshow, keeping their memory alive.

a couple grieving at a memorial

A memorial slideshow provides a unique way to honor your loved one that will last forever.

“I made a memorial video for my Stepdad. The program was so easy to use. It was a lovely celebration of his life. The chat support was superb, and the price was affordable. I highly recommend this company & product.” — Bari Amos

Honoring their life with a beautiful memorial slideshow can be emotionally healing for everyone. It can help you to process the grief while having a beautiful keepsake to keep your memory alive. Learn how to create yours with our memorial slideshow guide here.

Honoring a loved one doesn't have to be an elaborate event. Celebrating your loved one with a VidDay memorial slideshow will last you a lifetime of memories — begin yours today.


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