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Creating a Memorable 90th Birthday Video

Turning 90 is a huge milestone! When Grandpa's 90th birthday was approaching, we knew we wanted to do something special that captured the essence of his incredible life.

That’s when we stumbled upon VidDay's birthday video maker, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer. 🤩

Gold number candles forming the number 90 are lit against a pink background with gold star and ribbon decorations. Surrounding the candles are three photos: one of an elderly man wearing a party hat with his family, one of a woman smiling, and one of a young family with a baby.

Here's how we pulled off the ultimate 90th birthday video for Grandpa.

The Perfect Gift: A 90th Birthday Video

Grandpa has always been our family's storyteller, with tales spanning decades. We wanted to honor him in a way that brought all those stories together.

Creating a 90th birthday video was the perfect solution — it allowed us to compile memories, laughter, and love into one epic tribute.

The Big 90th Surprise🎉

On Grandpa’s 90th birthday, we gathered the family together. Some of us were there in person, while others joined via video call. When we played the video, Grandpa’s reaction was priceless. He laughed, cried, and reminisced. The room was filled with joy and love — it was the perfect celebration of his 90 years.

Watch this 90th Birthday Video Example:

How to Create a 90th Birthday Video with VidDay

Step 1: Set Up Your Project

First, head over to VidDay and set up your 90th birthday video project. The platform guides you through the setup, making it easy and stress-free.

Step 2: Invite Contributors

Invite family and friends to contribute. VidDay lets you send invitations via email or social media so that everyone can participate, no matter where they are.

Four elderly friends wearing party hats are sitting around a table decorated with party items, smiling and taking a selfie with a smartphone. They are participating in a VidDay video message to celebrate their friend's 90th birthday.

Step 3: Collect Messages and Memories

Encourage everyone to share their favorite memories, video messages, and photos of Grandpa. This part is all about gathering the good stuff — stories, laughs, and heartfelt 90th messages.

Step 4: Edit and Arrange

Use VidDay’s intuitive editing tools to arrange the clips. You can trim videos, add captions, and choose background music that Grandpa loves. VidDay’s templates make your 90th birthday video look polished and professional.

Step 5: Share the Final Video

It's time for the big reveal once you’re happy with the video. You can download the birthday video or share it directly from VidDay. Make sure everyone, near and far, gets to see the final product.

Additional Ideas for a 90th Birthday Video

Consider including old photos and home videos to make your 90th birthday video even more special. These nostalgic elements add depth and bring back precious memories. You can also include clips from family events, holidays, and milestones throughout Grandpa’s life.

Another great idea is to ask family members to share their favorite stories about Grandpa, which will add a personal touch and make the video even more meaningful.

Creating Grandpa’s 90th birthday video with VidDay was one of the most rewarding experiences. It’s a unique and special way to celebrate a milestone birthday, bringing together everyone who loves and cherishes the birthday star.


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