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How to Create a Memorable Birthday Message

We’ve all repeated the same classic birthday wishes a thousand times. You know the ones, messages such as;

  • I hope you have an awesome birthday!

  • Have an amazing day!

  • Wishing you nothing but the best on your birthday!

  • You’re the best, I love you! Thanks for everything!

Although these warm wishes are nice to say, the truth is, they tend to lack sincerity. Maybe it's because they're what we expect to hear. Your message needs to be more personalized in order to create a truly memorable birthday message. This is where many people get stuck.

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How to write a unique birthday message?

We have an easy 3-step process to help you develop a meaningful birthday message that will surely have a lasting impression. Keep reading to find creative birthday message prompts and tips that will guide you towards saying or writing a unique message.

Step 1: Tell them why you appreciate them.

Take a moment to reflect on gratitude. Ask yourself, what makes you grateful for having this person in your life?

How would you complete these three gratitude prompts?

  1. Thank you for…

  2. I really appreciate it when…

  3. It means a lot to me when…

Step 2: Reminisce about the good ol' times.

How to write a good birthday message? Continue down this reflection path and take a trip down memory lane. Take a moment to think back, way back, to past experiences you've shared with this person.

Now, how would you complete these three memory prompts?

  1. Do you remember when we… (maybe it has to do with a restaurant, concert, party, traveling, school or game)

  2. I’ll never forget that day/night that…

  3. The first time we met…

Step 3: Talk about things to come.

Okay, now you can forget the past. It’s time to think about what the future has to hold. Let a loved one know why you're looking forward to being part of their life moving forward.

How to write a good birthday message? Think of the possible future endeavors or big life events on the horizon that you’d like to share or witness.

These three prompts might help you think of fun, future plans:

  1. Any upcoming activities, holidays, celebrations, dinner plans, or get-togethers?

  2. Do you have future travel plans or dream destinations?

  3. Any new additions to the family or marriages on the horizon?

If there are no future plans or activities together in the foreseeable future, this would be a great time to offer a suggestion of an idea of something to do together.

3 steps to writing a meaningful birthday message

  1. Tell them why you appreciate them.

  2. Reminisce about the good ol' times.

  3. Talk about things to come.

If you combine these three steps, you'll be able to write, record, or say a meaningful, personalized birthday message that not even Hallmark could match.

To make things easier, we've written an example of what a memorable birthday wish looks like when using our three-step process.

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Thank you so much for always driving me home whenever I miss my bus. I really appreciate the way you listen and provide wonderful advice whenever I need it. It really means a lot when we get together for our monthly cocktails-catch-up evenings.

The first time I met you, I knew we’d get into some fun trouble. I’ll never forget that night, 10 years ago at The Roxy, when we spontaneously decided to jump into a taxi for a two-hour drive to catch the Beyoncé concert! She was amazing!

I look forward to our next get-together BBQ on July long. And I can’t wait to be sipping a few margaritas with you next year on the beach in Mexico. Looking forward to creating many more cherished memories together.

Have an amazing birthday, you deserve it!

Love you, Mary “Sweet Berry.”


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