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Fun Gifts For a Friend Who Lives Far Away

It’s not easy to have someone you care about moves away. Unfortunately, it’s very common in today's world to have friends, family, and lovers living far apart. So things can get tricky when it comes to buying a meaningful gift.

Gifts for Someone Who Lives Far Away - What Should You Consider?

  • Is there a shipping fee? What’s the postage cost?

  • Is it fragile? Can the gift break or be damaged?

  • What’s the length of the delivery time? Will the gift arrive on time?

  • Does the recipient have room in their bags to travel around with this gift?

  • Can this gift be returned?

  • Is this product banned from certain countries?

The best gift options vary for people living far away, but the most popular ones do take all the considerations above into account. But, of course, people’s lifestyles, travel plans, and budgets are different for each person, so one great gift is not always the best option for another.

Here's are a few gifting ideas to think about for someone living abroad.


Do they enjoy reading?

Surprise them with an ebook from their favorite author or on a topic that they're interested in. The wonderful thing about buying an ebook is that it can be instantly sent from anywhere worldwide. Make sure you find out what they use to read their ebooks.

You can shop on Amazon if they use a Kindle or any other device with the Kindle app. Check out Apple Books if they read ebooks from an Apple device. And shop on Kobo if they read from a Kobo device.

Another fun idea is to read the same book at the same time. This makes for fun conversations and debates about what will happen next. But be careful not to spoil the ending if you're the faster reader.


Rave - Watch Party

Miss movie nights?

Get the popcorn ready and schedule a movie night together. Thanks to Rave, you can plan a movie night even when you’re living far apart!

This app allows you to watch movies online together, and you can even communicate with one another while watching.


Want to brighten up their day from far away?

You can light up someone’s life from across the world. All you need to do is connect the long-distance friendships lamps to WiFi, and with just a touch, you’ll turn on your friend’s or lover’s lamp from anywhere in the world.

It’s a cute way to let them know you’re thinking of them.


Want to stay close to your loved one's heart?

A great moving away gift for your girlfriend or sister moving away to another country is a necklace with both living countries into one unique pendant.

Maybe your Mom would appreciate one too if you're living abroad.


Show them you care with a video montage made with friends and family telling them why they are amazing.

It's easy to feel homesick when traveling or living far away, especially on a birthday or special occasion. So we suggest filling up their hearts and not their luggage!

Surprise a friend living abroad with a group video gift for their birthday or any other special occasion. It's a truly amazing way to show them how much they are missed and appreciated with a surprise video montage compiled of photos and video messages from all their friends and family from back home.

Thanks to VidDay, you can now easily make a surprise birthday video montage compiled of video clips and pictures from friends and family from anywhere worldwide, all sending their warm wishes and good cheer. No editing skills are required. It's easy to do because once all videos and photos are submitted, VidDay makes the video montage for you!

Whether the special occasion, big or small, our web app makes it easy to bring people together to celebrate someone special living far away. Receiving a VidDay video montage is a memorable gift that will leave the recipient feeling loved and appreciated wherever they may be in the world.

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