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9 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas to Make His Day Special

Let us take away the stress of finding that perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day 2023.

We searched high and low for some cool gifts for all the dads out there. And we found some pretty amazing brands for you!

Fathers day gift ideas

Here’s a handy list of Father’s Day gift ideas to inspire you while gift hunting for your favorite dad!

From eco-baseball caps to a squatty potty to a heartfelt Father’s Day video — here are some pretty cool Father’s Day gift ideas for all the fun dads out there.


1. A Ball Cap for Father's Day

If you’re looking for an excellent gift for the dads in your life, there’s nothing better than a cool hat. Dads tend to love a good hat, plus they protect them from the harsh rays of the sun. We know that there’s no shortage of hat designs out there, however, and some of them just won’t be the right fit for your dad this Father’s Day.

We love Storied Hats for Father’s Day and their environmentally friendly product. They’ve come up with a technique of using cactus for leather rather than animals, coffee grounds have become performance fabrics, and the visor is made from algae biomass — plus no logos.

Now that sounds perfect for any dad this Father’s Day. Eco-friendly and hip designs, what more can dad ask for this Father’s Day!

giving your dad a hat for a father's day gift
Source: Storied Hats

2. Give Dad an Outdoor Coat

Outdoors, hiking, backpacking, camping, fish, boating around. Sounds like your dad? The great outdoors is a beautiful place, but the elements can be harsh at times.

So, let’s protect dad from the elements this Father’s Day with high-performance outerwear from recycled plastic, such a plastic bottles and plastics from the ocean. What Norden is doing is truly impressive. The production of their outerwear consumes 45% less energy, 20% less water and gives off 30% less greenhouse gas emissions than other coat manufacturers.

Norden also offers a buy-back program for your old winter coats, and every two seasons, you can upgrade your dad’s coat! This is perfect because we know that dad will wear his jacket until it’s hanging on by a thread.

These jackets are the perfect give for the outdoor kind of dad this Father’s Day.

giving your dad a coat as a father's day gift
Source: Norden

3. A Squatty Potty

There are so many dad jokes that we can make with this one, but we’ll keep it clean.

Dad’s are known to spend a lot of time on the toilet, so why not help to elevate their bathroom experience for Father’s Day? We all learn that Everyone Poops and dad does more than others do, so let’s give him the gift that he’ll get a lot of use out of — a squatty potty.

“The squatty potty changed my life.” — Hugh Jackman

Plus, they even have a bidet which is super environmentally friendly. For example, did you know that it takes 1.5 pounds of wood and 37 gallons of water to produce a single roll of toilet paper? Whereas a bidet only uses 1/8th of a gallon peruse, and no trees harmed.

Give your dad the eco-friendly and luxurious gift of a bidet and the #1 way to go #2 — a squatty potty for this Father’s Day.

Giving your dad a bidet as a father's day gift
Source: Squatty Potty

4. Mugs, Growlers, Wine Tumblers... and More!

A staple gift for any dad on Father’s Day — a mug.

Let’s try to up his mug game this Father’s Day — MiiR is here to help. They have an array of colors to choose from. So whether your dad is on the go, in the office, at home, or in the great outdoors, they have it all.

Not only do they have mugs, but you can also choose from a variety of drinkware to match his drinks of choice — get dad a beer growler or even a wine tumbler. So whatever his tastes are for this Father’s Day, there is a wide selection of drinkware for him!

Plus, they set aside a portion of revenue to fund projects focused on clean water, environmental concerns, and community-based efforts.

giving your dad a mug for a Father's day gift
Source: MiiR

5. Fair-Trade Coffee for Him

Think about what dad really loves — coffee! Dads and coffee go hand in hand. So, to go with his brand new mug, get him a bag, or several, of coffee from a local coffee shop in your neighborhood or his favorite coffee from the place that he frequents all the time.

Keep it extra strong and local.

Coffee has always been in his hands during those early mornings and late nights that he’s spent with you. So it’s time to thank him for all the late nights and early mornings that he’s spent with you over the years of growing up.

Not sure where to find a coffee shop? Use this handy Find Me Coffee web app and get dad caffeinated this Father’s Day.

Giving your Dad coffee for a father's day gift


6. Donation in Dad's Name

Have a dad that has everything? Your dad wants it, so he buys it, leaving you to figure out what he wants or needs. Donating in his name is a beautiful gift to give him.

It’s such a lovely idea to donate to a charity for Father’s Day. Think of a cause or issue close to your dad’s heart, which he believes strongly in, and donate to the cause. You can either make it in honor of your father, who just doesn’t need anything right now. Or you can make it in honor of a father or grandfather who you are remembering and is no longer with you.

Whatever the reason, it’s a great way to say I Love You while doing something meaningful. So here is an excellent list of charitable organizations worth looking into and contributing to today.

Giving a donation in your dads name for a father's day gift


7. Give Dad a VidDay

Father’s Day is the perfect time to create a Father’s Day video with VidDay. Show him the life he has built through videos and photos. A VidDay video gift is the perfect Father’s Day gift to spark a meaningful connection. With your Father’s Day video, you can pay homage to the man who has given you and the family so much.

Spread the joy this Father’s Day!

You can invite everyone to get in on the Father’s Day video too, or you can go at it solo. You’re able to invite family and friends where they can share their beautiful messages and any old photos that they have. It’s a beautiful gift that your dad can keep forever.

A dad and his son watch a Father's Day vidday video gift


8. Subscriptions for Dad

Give your dad the gift of choice this Father’s Day.

Get them a gift card for their favorite streaming service so they can binge-watch anything they'd like. With a wide variety of content that any one of these streaming services off, your dad will be able to find an array of content to enjoy.

Choose a service that matches his taste.

If he already has the service, you can buy him a gift card so his next month(s) will be on you! Most streaming services offer gift cards on their website. Check out where to get gift cards here: Netflix, Hulu, SiriusXM.

Signing up for a streaming service for a father's day gift
Source: Netflix

9. An Experience for Father's Day

Have an explorer dad in your life? Give the gift of an experience this Father’s Day. Whether your dad is into sailing, skydiving, or wants to learn how to fly, you can choose any from Cloud 9 Living. They offer a wide selection of experiences that you can give your dad for Father’s Day.

Instead of gifting him an experience, you can make one of your own. For example, take your dad out for a walk to chat about life. Or take him for a hike to his favorite spot — stop for a picnic along the way. Is your dad a water kind of guy? Take him out for a boat ride and enjoy the beautiful water.

Keep it simple and have the family and friends over for a backyard BBQ with his favorite food and beer.

Sailing on a boat for a father's day gift


Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Above all — we always suggest supporting your local business and purchasing gifts with the environment in mind.

What’s your favorite Father’s Day gift idea from our list?

Send us a message on Facebook or tag us on Instagram.

And don’t forget to get started on a memorable Father’s Day video gift with VidDay.

Looking for some inspiration on what to say for Father's Day? Check out this collection of Father's Day messages to warm up his heart:

Here's a collection of our favorite Father's Day quotes:


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