8 Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom to Make Her Day Special

Happy Birthday, Mom!

We love Mom’s — let's make Mom's birthday super special this year.

Birthday gift ideas for mom

We've got you covered for your Mommas birthday this year. We've searched high and low for some pretty fantastic birthday gift ideas for Mom. Let's get started and see what we've found.

What’s the Perfect Gift for Mom?

The perfect gift for Moms and anyone else has to meet many criteria. Ideally, the perfect gift must be NICE:

  • Novel: not yet owned by the receiver

  • Individualized: tailored to the receiver’s likes and wants

  • Convenient: easy to buy, easy to post, easy to wrap

  • Everlasting: to last a lifetime of memories

With so many issues to consider, it is hardly surprising that a number of people decided to break with the tradition of gift exchange or by gifting someone an experience rather than an object.

We've come up with a handy little guide to help you find the best gift for your Mom!

For the Mom Who Works a Little Too Hard

spa items from summer solace
Source: Summer Solace

Get your Mom a spa gift card from a local spa for her birthday this year. Or if you want to treat mom for her birthday, get this birthday gift idea for Mom. Book a spa resort in the wilderness. Something that is far away from the city and people for her to relax completely.

Book her a night or two stays and let the spa sensation leave her feeling rested and relaxed.

Is a spa not really your Mom's thing? Yet your Mom needs some "me" time. Summer solace has almost everything you need for a perfect at home spa — soaps, balms, candles, perfumes, scrubs, and more.

This lovely birthday gift idea for Mom is bringing the spa to her home, where she feels most comfortable. She'll have the most peaceful birthday party.

An at home spa isn't the only birthday gift idea for Mom. Add in a bottle of wine or four. After her spa experience, she'll need to keep the calmness going, so why not give her a bottle of her favorite wine.

We love Tablas Creek Vineyard because of their companies ethos of doing good for the world as the world's first Regenerative Organic Certified vineyard.

For the Mom Who Cooks Up a Storm

a pot from caraway
Source: Caraway

It’s time to ditch the chemicals that come with most pots and pans with Caraway’s ceramic coated cookware — say goodbye to toxins. You can choose to purchase a single pot and pan or go for the gusto and get the entire kit for your Mom’s birthday gift.

Not only is this cooking set chemical-free, but it’s good-looking at the same time. A win-win birthday gift idea for Mom!

Now that your Mom is ready to cook up a storm, you’ll need something to store all her delicious leftovers. A glass bowls with lids is perfect for storing tons of leftovers!

And with some pretty beautiful bamboo lids, they lock perfectly together, keeping a tight seal to keep that food fresh and yummy.

Now it’s time for a bit of clean-up. A birthday gift idea for Mom is compostable dish scrubs — make this gift even better by doing the dishes the next time you have dinner together.

So next time you’re invited over for dinner, you’ll be on dish duty! For the Mom who cooks up a storm.

For the Mom Who Needs a Smile

a son and mom watching a VidDay video gift

Sometimes we all need someone to tell us how much we mean to them. The same goes for Moms. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to be a Mom, and it's nice to hear that everything you're doing is making a difference.

With a birthday video, you can express how much she means to you. It will bring her a smile and a tear of joy or two. Make a birthday video with VidDay. In the birthday video

With a VidDay video, you can collect together all photos from your Mom's past, bringing her on a walk down memory lane, or collect birthday videos from her friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else that special to her.

Invite everyone to join in on the birthday video celebration — the more, the merrier! Once you're ready, choose a theme, some beautiful background music, and VidDay does the rest!

Unsure of what to say in a birthday video? Here are some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

For the Mom Who Loves the Planet

Someone holding a tree sapling ready to be planted

Plant a tree in your Mom's honor. Not only will this bring a smile to your Mom's face, but it will also bring a smile to the planet!

What better way to honor Mom than to plant a tree in her name? Trees help to keep the planet cool, provide homes for animals and wildlife, plus tree's help clean the air.

Plant a tree in Mom's honor or give her a tree or sapling to plant herself (if she's the DIY type). She is sure to enjoy this gift that will continue to grow year after year.

If you want a two-for-one, get her a birthday video gift from VidDay! Every video you create helps to plant trees.

Now it’s time to start planning your Mom’s big day! Want to learn more on how to make a VidDay birthday video gift — see our Ultimate Birthday Guide.