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5 Last-Minute Mother's Day Video Ideas for 2024

Surprise! Mother's Day is nearly here. On May 12th, 2024, to be exact. And it's never too soon to shop for Mom's present, but if you've pushed it off to the last minute, there is no need to panic.

We've got a solution for you.

And gifting with VidDay is a little different than your everyday gift — but a different gift is the best!

Last minute mother’s day ideas

A video tribute to Mom is a gift that she'll genuinely appreciate. And don't you want to show your Mom that you care? Give her the gift of love this year.

Here are a few ways you can create your video tribute for Mom!


1. Walk Down Memory Lane

Taking photos of old photos for your vidday

The best-personalized gifts are ones that remind someone of how much they’re loved and appreciated. Take Mom back in time to remind her of all the joyous moments she has had in her life with a video slideshow. Creating a video montage is an easy last-minute gift idea to show your Mom that you love her.

Create videos of yourself and your siblings reminiscing on activities you did with Mom in the past. Tell her how much you loved going to the beach with her or how in 2nd grade, she saved you from a disastrous art project.

Bring in old pictures and homemade videos to remind her of childhood memories. Can’t think of what to say to Mom in your video?


2. Interview the Kids

A father and his two kids on a couch

Bring the kids together, and ask them questions about their Mom.

  • What do you love best about Mom?

  • What do you like doing the most with Mom?

Video record them and upload them to your VidDay Event Page. From here, you can order them from deep to most funny or keep a nice flow of serious, humorous, and serious.

Choose a fantastic theme, and add some music! You've got a precious keepsake of your children speaking about their love for their Mom. What better gift could you think of?


3. Why You're the Best Mom

A father recording himself and his kids

This is an effortless way to get your Mom crying tears of joy.

Make a video of you and the family telling her why she is the best Mom. You can also add in-text cards with cute little sayings that tell her she is lovely.

You can speak about small things that she does that make her so wonderful. Like thanking her for picking up your socks or driving you somewhere. Or the big things in life, like when she waited with you to find out your final grade or made you soup and grilled cheese while you were sick.

Keep the video super personal to her. Melt her heart with overwhelming messages of love.


4. Send Love to Grandma

A family waving to a camera

Whether you call her Grammy, Nana, or Mawmaw, Grandma always deserves to feel special on Mother's Day too. It might not be possible this year for family gatherings, but you can still spread the love to your special Grandma this Mother's Day with a creative gift from VidDay.

Gather messages from Grandma's sons and daughters and get the grandchildren in on the fun. Take some grandkids' videos saying how much they love and miss Grandma this year. Find some old photos of Grandma and add them to the video! Make her face light up and have the biggest smile!

Create unforgettable memories that Grandma can hold onto forever.


5. Announce a Pregnancy

A pregnant lady holding up an ultrasound photo

Sending out a video announcing your pregnancy is the best way to announce your news to everyone.

Rather than making individual phone calls, creating an email list, or sharing on social media. Why don't you wrap all of these into one Surprise Video Announcement? You can even share the video on social media to celebrate with everyone!

It's a cute way to announce a pregnancy, get everyone excited, and want to say "aww" to the soon-to-be newborn baby.


Make a Mother's Day Video with VidDay

It's time to put your Mom in the spotlight — starting a Mother's Day video is quick with VidDay.

Get Started

All you need to do is click here to answer a few questions, create an account, and an Event Page will be set up for you. Here is where the magic happens!

On your Event Page, you'll be able to choose from various themes and music, plus add text cards to give your personal touch.

Dad and daughter with speech bubble "best mom ever!"

Add Video Clips and Photos

All you have to do is upload your videos and pictures to your VidDay. Once everything is uploaded, you can drag and drop the media in any order.

Add in-text cards, choose your themes and background music, and you're almost done!

You can also edit your videos and pictures if you won't — don't worry, no editing skills are required.

A toddler squeezing moms face"

Share the surprise!

It's time for us to work our magic. VidDay will create your unforgettable Mother's Day video slideshow. We'll send you an email when your video is ready. You can also learn more about sharing your VidDay here.

We would love to see your Mom's reaction! Send us a video of your Momma watching their Mother's Day video to [email protected]what we love the most about our job!

Treat your Mom to something special. ♥


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