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10 Impressive Gifts For Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 2021 is coming up quickly. This year find her an ethical and sustainable gift to show your Mom the gratitude and appreciation she deserves.

We’ve crafted this handy list of Mother’s Day gift ideas to inspire you while gift hunting for your Mum!


Top 10 Mother's Day gift ideas

1. Organic Flowers

Flowers are the most popular gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Choose an array of flowers from carnations to daisies to roses and even lilies. Bouqs offers organic grow flowers from producers who are doing good for the environment.

Gift idea mothers day


2. Handmade Soy & Coconut Wax Candles

Wherever you and your Mom are this year, let her know how much she means to you with a Prosperity Candle. Giving your Mum a candle is a great way to bring some light and calmness into someone’s life.

Three different scented candles from Prosperity Candles. Thrive, Rise, and Dare are the scents. Giving Mom a candle as a Mother's Day gift is a great way to help her relax.
Source: Prosperity Candle


3. A Mother's Day Video Montage

Surprise your Mom this year with a personalized video tribute. Express your love and gratitude towards Mom in a video greeting with pictures and text, or go the extra mile with a video message.

A Mom and Daughter watching their VidDay video together on a tablet. There are fairy lights and stuffed animals. They are both smiling because the Mom just received her VidDay gift for mothers day.

Easily create the best mother's day video gift with VidDay.


4. Plant a Tree

What better way to honor Mom than to plant a tree? Plus, if you purchase a video with VidDay, they will plant a tree in honor of your Mom. A two-for-one gift! Give your Mom a gift that keeps giving for generations to come.

Someone is passing another person a box of saplings to plant. Giving a gift of a tree for mother's day is a great gift idea. Planting a tree for mom, so it can grow with her over the years.


5. A Pair of Earrings

Treat your mom to a beautiful new statement piece like some handmade earrings. Or help her organize all of her earrings with this Little Book. It is a handy way to keep your earrings together, plus it is handmade and eco-friendly.

A little book of earrings is featured with some baby's breathe. Giving earrings or a book for organizing your earrings are a great gift option for Mother's Day.
Source: Amanda Alston

6. Home-Cooked Meal

Cook for Mom this Mother’s Day! A special lady deserves a special dinner, whip up her favorite meal, include apprizes and a wonderful dessert. So whether you make her Brunch or Dinner, say ‘I love you mom’ with a home-cooked meal.

A plate of food, because giving a home cooked meal for Mother's Day is a great way to warm your moms heart.


7. Subscription Box

Mother’s Day only comes once a year, but with a subscription box, you can remind her every month how much you love her. Check out GlobeIn with four different themes. Your Mum can choose whichever one she prefers each month.

A GlobeIn box with some dishes beside it, a small plate and a bowl, plus a book explaining more about the GlobeIn subscription box. Subscription boxes are a great gift ideas for Mom's on Mother's Day
Source: Hello Subscription

8. Charitable Donation in Her Name

For some moms, there's no better present than knowing they're giving back to those less fortunate. So if the momma in your life is passionate about making the world a better place, then donate in her name to one of her favorite charities.

There are scrabble pieces that spell out "Give Back". Because giving a donation in your Mom's name is a great Mother's Day gift idea.


9. Fair Trade Chocolates

Celebrate all of the Moms in your life with chocolate! Whether it’s for your Mom, Aunt, Grandma, or even for yourself — chocolate is always a big hit! Check out Endangered Species for ethical and fair trade chocolates.

There are chocolate bar on a table. The chocolate bars are form the brand Endangered Species. Chocolates make a great gift for Mom! Especially if they are fair-trade chocolates.
Source: Basil Momma

10. Digital Magazine Subscription

Treat your momma with a subscription to her favorite magazine. There are so many different magazines out there — choose one that she loves or one that fits her personality, such as National Geographic, New Yorker, or Oprah.

There are four cellphone screens, each one of them has a different screen from the New Yorker. An article, New Yorker Covers, a PodCast, and a Crossword Puzzle. A New Yorker subscription is a great option for a Mother's Day gift.
Source: The New Yorker

Meaningful Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the occasion to show all of the Moms in your life how much she means to you.

But it’s not always about giving gifts, as they say;

“It isn't the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it.”

Let all of the Moms in your life know how much they mean to you — here's a little inspiration on what to say for Mother's Day.


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