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14 Beautiful Ideas for the Perfect Fall Wedding

The leaves are changing, and so are wedding trends!

Autumn has a lot to offer for the wedding season, and we’ve got some fantastic fall wedding ideas that’ll make your big day one for the books. So if you’re looking for fall wedding ideas that aren’t so heavy on the pumpkins and maple leaves, you’re in the right place.

Fall wedding ideas

There are lots of ways to channel fall without going the obvious route. From outfit suggestions to decor recommendations, we’ve taken a few of our favorite ideas to give you a bit of inspo for your fall wedding ceremony and reception.

Below are our 14 beautiful ideas to make that fall wedding perfect.


1. Fall Inspired Invitations

There are so many unique and fun invitations out there, without the need of going overboard with having pumpkins, maple leaves, or fall motifs. Instead, you can keep it simple by choosing a fall color with an outline of a leaf, something suggesting that it’s fall. There are endless amounts of wedding invite designs out there. You'll undoubtedly be able to find one that fits your wedding.

A fall inspired wedding invitation


2. Fall Colors for Bridesmaids Dresses

Some beautiful colors to keep in mind for bridesmaid dresses are red, like the fall foliage on trees. Oranges like cinnamon or a beautiful rosemary green. Or a beautiful yellow, like a pot of gold or like mums. If you’re not into the fall colors, think about rich, warm textures like velvet and how you can incorporate them into your bridal and bridesmaid looks.

Fall colored bouquets and bridesmaids dresses


3. Fall Tones for Make-up

Fall is when the colors in nature grow a bit richer and move toward orange and brown undertones. So should your makeup! Think about creating some red and purple tones in your makeup, or deep oranges and browns. You could also paint copper nails while going for drama around the eyes with a deep smoky look. But before choosing your colors, discuss all of your ideas with a professional makeup artist.

Fall wedding colored makeup


4. All Those Fall Feels with a VidDay

Gathering everyone together to create a beautiful VidDay wedding video gift will give the new couple all the warm and fuzzy feelings that a VidDay always brings out. Or, easily set up a digital wedding guestbook to collect your guests' photos, videos, and messages on your special day.

Gather together some blankets, fairy lights, and of course, some drinks to have a little viewing area of the VidDay wedding video gift. Super cute! Learn more about creating your wedding video gift with our ultimate wedding video guide.

Need a little more inspiration on what to say in a wedding video gift? Check out this wedding wish idea generator.

A VidDay wedding video gift being shown at a wedding


5. Groomsman Suits in Fall Wedding Colors

If you plan to stick with a white dress, let your partner have some fun with color! We love a burgundy or maroon suit for a fall wedding. Or, if you want to keep the suits more classic, add a little fall flair with autumn-colored ties, or vests, to add that hint of fall flavor. Grooms are choosing different suit colors, adding a vest, or going black tie in a tuxedo. Nowadays, grooms are now dressing their groomsmen in different suits from one another, so you can choose different textures and fall colors to choose from.

Fall wedding suit in maroon


6. In-season Bouquet for the Bride

There are so many different kinds of flowers perfect for a fall bouquet like amaranthus, goldenrod, chrysanthemum, and so many more! There are too many to chose from, and all of them will make a beautiful bouquet. We suggest speaking with a florist in your local area and asking them what’s in for the fall season that will make a beautiful bouquet to fit your color scheme.

A wedding bouquet in fall colors


7. Fall Foliage for Centerpieces

Your centerpieces can play off of your bouquet by using flowers like amaranthus, goldenrod, and chrysanthemum. Your local florist will be able to help you create something that will play nicely off your wedding bouquet. Your centerpieces should also include lots of candles to set the mood. Try finding used colored glassware to add a touch of fall with yellow or brown glasses. Avoid using white table clothes and go for more beige or taupes to tie it all together.

A wedding table with a centrepiece of fall stuff, flowers, candles, etc


8. A Stunning Fall Altar

Creating a beautiful lush fall altar for your wedding is simple. A fall wedding is all about the warm color tones, often associated with a warm and cozy feel. From rich oranges to crisp reds, harvest hues can play a whimsical role in any ceremony altar. Think about bringing in colors that you see outside, from the crisp reds of the tree leaves to the beautiful beiges of the grasses going into hibernation. The options are endless.

Fall fabric and flowers for a wedding altar


9. A Fall Inspired Backdrop

A fall wedding backdrop should highlight the season and the theme of your wedding, and, of course, it should be just as beautiful. The most popular idea here is various leaves – natural and not — hanging on wires spread across the backdrop. You can also try fall flowers hanging in the same way, which would be so colorful and vibrant. Lights are always a good idea, especially if you’re using fairy lights. It’s perfect for any season wedding and just imagine the romantic moments you can have in front of it.

A selfie wall for a fall wedding with lights


10. Gorgeous Fall Wedding Photos

Fall gives the golden hour a whole new meaning. Time to get your wedding photos done in front of those changing leaves, wade through the brittle grass, and capture the beauty that is fall. Find an area that’s overlooking beautiful nature doing its thing. You’ll have the most spectacular wedding photos of one of the most beautiful seasons — fall!

A fall wedding photos take in grass


11. An Autumn Take on a Cake

If we haven’t already said it enough, here it is again, uses the colors found in nature during fall — like red! A red velvet cake will fit in perfectly for your fall wedding, or red velvet cupcakes instead of a cake, it's your choice! The deep red color will play off the beautiful fall wedding. Plus, who doesn’t love red velvet cake? Yummy.

A wedding cake with flowers on top


12. A Fall Inspired Bar

Don’t forget about your bar area, where undoubtedly most of your guests will be hanging out. Add some custom decor, and flowers can be added along the bar to make it truly unique for the big day! Add some of that fall foliage or even come up with a signature cocktail, something dark and moody to set the tone.

Pumpkins for a fall wedding bar decoration


13. Pumpkins and More Pumpkins

Who doesn’t love a pumpkin, and in fall too! There is definitely a place for pumpkins of all shapes and sizes at a fall wedding. But you don’t need to stop at classic orange. Instead, bring in all the fairy tale pumpkins and gourds for a chic display, or paint some pumpkins to match your wedding colors.

More pumpkins for a fall wedding decoration


14. A Cozy Styled Fall Reception

Last but certainly not least, creating a cozy feel for your wedding reception. We didn’t mention it yet, but a fantastic bonus is a venue that lends itself to a fall setting. It does the ambiance work for you so that you only have to put in minimal effort. To create a cozy fall wedding reception, think of candles, throw blankets, thick and comfortable fabrics to give it all those fall vibes that you’re looking for.

A cozy fall wedding table for an outdoor wedding


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