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Setting Up Camp: How to Make an Outdoor Wedding Possible

If you are getting married soon and have decided that your dream wedding is outdoors, there are many variables you must account for when trying to team up with mother nature.

This article will give you a few helpful tips to help deal with a few issues you might face with an outdoor wedding.

A bride and Groom taking a photo in a forest

How to plan an outdoor wedding ceremony?


Where to have an outdoor wedding? The location of any wedding is very important. If you plan your wedding in a remote area, difficult for your family and friends to travel to, then you will likely need to plan a smaller wedding, get an online organization for a far-off destination, or change the location for more guests to be able to attend. If some guests can't attend your wedding, your bridesmaids can make a Vidday video montage of missing guests wishing you well on your special day. Check out also unique bridesmaid gifts. While the logistics of a wedding can be completely designed by you, the location must at least have a place designated for the ceremony or reception. Think about how you plan to set up food, decorations, seating, or photos. Talking to a wedding planner can help to organize your ideas into a plan that makes sense and works with the location you’ve chosen.


How to plan an outdoor wedding? While some destinations may just be a car ride away, other types of destination weddings can be difficult to get to. If you are going abroad, be sure you have updated passports, paperwork, and visas if necessary. If you plan on a remote mountain or camping location, be sure the party has vehicles with 4-wheel drive. If possible, start looking into RV financing or rentals. That way, you’ll have a designated area for getting dressed, made-up, and beautiful, without crowding around small hand mirrors the day of.

Wedding outdoor and weather

It is not news that the weather, in general, is very unpredictable. Not to mention, some destinations are known for experiencing all the seasons in a single week. Therefore, planning and keeping tabs on the weather radar is an absolute must. If you do not plan for rain during a summer wedding during the monsoon season, you might end up postponing. Most outdoor spots that are designed for weddings have a beautiful barn or backup building that is heated or equipped with air conditioning units, tables, and chairs so that the wedding can occur rain or shine or blizzard. Check to see if your location will have a similar backup building and that there will be enough indoor seating in an emergency.

Scenic Décor

How to have an outdoor wedding? When choosing an outdoor or remote location, consider the scene. For example, some beaches, while tropical, sunny, and sandy can house murky water. Some woods, while dense with trees, may not have as much flat land as one may think, which can make it difficult to put up a decoration or find a spot for seating. Do yourself a favor and examine the area by putting yourself in the shoes of your guests to see how you would react to the environment. On the other hand, some remote or outdoor locations can house beautiful and stunning views, so take into account where people will gather, where popular areas will be, and work your decorations around them.

We hope that this article helped as an overview of planning a remote or outdoor wedding. If the weather, location, and scene are taken into account, then an unforgettable wedding can be enjoyed by all invited parties. Happy wedding outdoor planning!

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