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How To Make a Graduation Video As a Gift

Graduation marks the end of an era filled with hard work and unforgettable memories. A personalized graduation video as a gift is the perfect way to celebrate this milestone. 🎓

video gift for graduation

Here’s your step-by-step guide to easily creating a memorable graduation video as a gift. We’ll also provide quick tips and creative video ideas to enhance the graduation video tribute.

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4 Steps To Making A Graduation Video Gift

Creating a video gift for graduation is a straightforward process with VidDay.

Step 1: Start the Video Project

Kick things off in seconds by setting up a graduation video event on VidDay. Get started here.

Pro tip: Start early to give everyone enough time to contribute their messages and memories.

Step 2: Invite Contributors

Share the graduation invitation link to get friends and family to share congratulatory messages.

Pro tip: Use engaging prompts in your invite, like 'Share a funny moment' or 'Why is [graduate's name] amazing?' for diverse and guided responses.

Step 3: Collect Messages & Memories

Collect video clips, pictures, and happy graduation messages all in one place. The media can be easily arranged in your preferred order.

Pro tip: Enhance the graduation montage by adding personalized text cards, GIFs, and old photos for an extra touch of fun and nostalgia.

Step 4: Compile the Video 

Choose your preferred graduation theme and background music, then create a preview. Click “finalize video” once you're happy with your video creation.

Pro tip:  Keep the video a secret from the graduate until the big reveal. The surprise element will make the gift even more memorable and impactful.

How to Share Your Graduation Video Surprise

Make the big reveal of your graduation video as memorable as the video itself!

Graduate watching their graduation video gift

Here are a few ways to present the graduation video to the lucky recipient:

Via Email or SMS 💌

Send it to the graduate's inbox or smartphone with a personal note for a heartfelt surprise. They click the link and watch their surprise graduation video come to life.

At the Grad Party 🥳

Turn it into a grand event by playing the graduation video on a big screen with friends and family gathered to enjoy the moment together.

As a Lasting Keepsake 🏆

After the initial excitement, gift the graduate a Video Book, custom DVD, or personalized USB. It's a tangible reminder of their special day they can treasure forever.

graduation video keepsakes from VidDay

Elevate Your Graduation Video With These Ideas

Create a memorable graduation video surprise with the following creative ideas:

Mix Past and Present 📷

Start with childhood photos and memories and progress to recent successes, then add hopes for the future.

Personalize It 🎛️

Integrate the grad’s favorite sayings, songs, or even a cameo from their furry friend to infuse the video with personal touches.

Make it Interactive 🕹️

Add engaging questions or challenges for the graduate, making the video fun to watch.

Add Laughter 🤣

Throw in humorous moments or inside jokes for a light-hearted touch.

Celebrity Shout-Out 🤩

Surprise the graduate with a cameo message from their favorite celebrity to add an unforgettable highlight.

Virtual Cheers 🥂

End with a montage of virtual toasts from loved ones, raising a glass to the graduate’s past achievements and the adventures that lie ahead.


Creating a graduation video gift is more than just putting together clips—it's about capturing the journey, achievements, and the bright future ahead.

This step-by-step guide has given you everything needed to make a video that's not just memorable but deeply meaningful. Whether it brings laughter, joy, or a few happy tears, your video will be a treasure, reminding the graduate of their special day and the exciting journey that awaits.

Give them a gift that lasts, turning graduation day into a cherished memory they'll hold onto forever.


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