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Easy-To-Plan Wedding Games For 2021

Wedding receptions are a time of celebration with friends and family. Wedding reception table games and activities are natural icebreakers for guests who might not know each other. But who has time to plan activities?

We're here to help you in 2021! Below are four easy-to-plan table games and activities along with FREE downloadable print-ready templates that will make your wedding reception extra fun.

Share you wisdom game on a plate.

A Wedding Game Idea - "Share Your Wisdom" Video Montage

Download this print-ready "Share Your Wisdom" template to invite your guests to submit video messages of their best marital wisdom/advice, date night ideas, or even baby names.

How Can You Collect all These Videos?

You can start a private event page with VidDay, and your guests can submit their videos (and photos) to the event page. Then, VidDay will turn all the submitted video clips and photos into a beautiful video montage for you to keep as a wedding souvenir.

You can print cards to place on the reception tables to invite your guests to participate. Then, all you need to do is add your event page link so that your guests can visit the event page and submit their videos and photos.

Check out our ultimate guide on wedding video making.


The happy couple words of wisdom game

Mad Libs - Wedding Game for Bride and Groom

Ahh, yes, a classic.

Download this print-ready Mad Libs card and let your guests fill in the blanks. It's a sure way to keep your guests busy and talking with each other as they share their wacky stories aloud.


How well do you know the bride and groom game


How well do you know the happy couple? I’m sure very well… or so you think.

Download this print-ready trivia game to give your guests something to talk about. Then, have them laughing together as they share their answers.


wedding speech bingo game

Popular Wedding Table Game — Speech Bingo

After being part of many weddings, you start to notice a few common (but nonetheless necessary) lines needed during speeches.

Download this print-ready bingo card and let your guests have a little extra fun as they mark off one-liners often used in wedding speeches.

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