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11 Reasons Why Moms Are Pretty Cool

Moms are cool, right?!

Even though she may have embarrassed you back in school or on your first date, or every time you see her, she asks why you haven't cut your hair yet. She's still the best!

Moms are cool

Mom can not only teach you your favorite recipe, but she also gives friendly and sometimes unsolicited relationship advice. So let’s spread that love right back to her.

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Stuck On What To Say?

Check out this handy little guide with some suggestions on what to say to Mom!

We also start to realize that Mom kind of knows a lot. No matter how many times you have gone back to Mom for advice or questions on adulting, Mom is always there.

Here are some things that we think make Moms super cool and some fun things to tell your Mother in your video!

  1. She loves her emojis! You might not understand what she is talking about, but that makes it even better. She loves to add emojis for every sentence or send you a cipher of emojis — once you crack the code, you feel so proud of yourself!

  2. She supports any decision you make. Though she may not understand it, she's always there for you. That decision that she helped you on may backfire, but she's still there with open arms to give you the comfort you need. Awe, thanks, Mom!

  3. With that in mind, she most certainly isn't afraid to tell you that you're making a mistake. But she does so kindly and without judgment because she knows mistakes are inevitable and that you cannot learn without making mistakes.

  4. She won't let you pay for dinner. No matter whose idea it was to go out for dinner, she is paying the bill! Don't even think about fighting her on this — you'll never win.

  5. She is your biggest fan on social media — whether you let her follow you or not. She will post, no matter how bad or good it is. The best is when she leaves you a little comment saying, "Love Mom," so cute. Just hope she doesn't find your private account.

  6. Have a big interview? Is it your first day of school or a new job? Get ready for a "Good luck" text that never fails to come through. She's always thinking of you and hoping for the best, and that's pretty cool!

  7. She (hopefully) forgives your teenage years. Whether you were rebellious or anti-social, she was always there along for the ride — whether she went willingly or not. You probably still get a little teased by her for the wacky things you did back then.

  8. Are you eating enough? How many times have you heard this come for your Mom? Sure, you’re an adult and all, but she's just being a mom. Moms need to make sure their kids are well-fed at all times.

  9. She wants to do your laundry still. Whenever you go for a visit back home, or if she comes and visits you, you know the laundry is going to get done. She takes such pleasure out of helping you out — we love that she wants to help us out.

  10. No matter how old you are or where you are, she can change you and your siblings' behavior with one look. We all know that look. The Mom look that can stop you in your tracks.

  11. She's your defender. She's your protector. She's your confidant. She’s not a regular Mom. She’s a cool Mom!

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