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Winnipeg Free Press. Bridge the Distance, Connect and Celebrate During the Pandemic.

COVID lockdowns have been rough, but the people using VidDay are finding a way to break through the isolation. Whether it’s to celebrate a loved one's birthday or bring together a community of strangers to recognize local heroes, we’ve been inspired by our customers throughout this challenging period.

The Winnipeg Free Press documented just one of these incredible stories:

“Lucille Miller’s parents had rented a hall and hired a band for a big 60th wedding anniversary party for Oct. 22. When COVID-19 made that impossible, she wanted to come up with an alternative.

Miller rounded up more than 50 friends and relatives to submit greetings and VidDay’s subsequent video made her parents, Louis and Aline LaFleche, cry tears of joy.

"It was such a positive experience," Miller said. "Everyone loved it. In COVID time it is perfect. Nothing could be better. My mother has watched it 10 times and she’s now calling all her nieces and nephews," Miller said.

"They feel like they connected with everyone which is really neat."

In real life, we’ll come up with any old excuse to get together and treat our favorite people. That’s exactly how people are using VidDay right now!

We love seeing anniversaries and birthdays celebrated using VidDay. Here are some interesting ways people are celebrating.

Build up connections across all generations. They grow up so fast. 1 year for a child could mean first words, first steps, and a couple of inches in height. And for 1 year, vulnerable grandparents have been missing out on this.

Over the holidays care homes encouraged residents’ families to create VidDays, but why stop there? Give grandparents the chance to join in on the memories, and perhaps create their own for the little ones.

Recognize your local frontline workers and heroes. You may not know your local heroes by name, but that doesn’t mean you can’t say ‘Thank you’. One county brought together the entire community for a VidDay holiday greeting, reminding healthcare heroes of their appreciation.

A ‘welcome to the world’ that they can treasure. Everyone’s excited for the new bundle of joy. Cue the online baby shower! A VidDay baby shower is essentially a time capsule for a future adult. A reminder of the love they were born into. If you can’t be there in person, make sure the baby knows your face for the future…

Turn a birthday greeting into a trip down memory lane. A birthday message doesn’t have to be just a birthday message. Turn a birthday video into a memory your loved one will look back on fondly for years to come. Whether you’ve got some embarrassing old pictures, a new place you want to show them, or a performance you’ve prepared, don’t be shy!

How else have you been using VidDay to share some fun with your community of loved ones? Let us know, inspire future creators!


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