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Huffington Post. VidDay Videos Help You Celebrate the Holidays. And Here Are Some More Ideas!

At VidDay, we’re all about using videos to create meaningful connections with our loved ones. And this holiday season, in particular, we’re happy to be there for those who can’t visit with relatives and friends.

Our holiday greeting-themed videos are perfect for the occasion — an easy way for you to make memories!

A picture of a laptop with a clock and the vidday app open

As the Huffington Post explained in their recent feature on 7 Thoughtful Alternatives To Giving Store-Bought Gifts This Year:

Take some of the pressure off and create a video gift that the recipient can view on their own time.

Services such as VidDay allow you to collect videos and photos from various participants and then have them edited together.

Encourage people to record heartfelt messages, list why they’re grateful for that person, and tell funny stories for a memorable and touching gift.

But why stop at a video?!

Once you’ve recorded that, there are plenty more ways that this article suggests that you can help make this holiday season even better for your family and friends who may be feeling just a little isolated.

We love these recommendations!

Make a VidDay video to celebrate the holidays, and then try some of these gift-giving ideas from the Huffington Post!

Get Crafty

From DIY ornaments and gift baskets to, well, just about anything, you can create fun little pieces of art that you can enjoy this season and for future holidays.

Give the Gift of Time

Volunteering for a good cause is a gift that keeps on giving. Give a gift coupon of time to someone who needs it. If you’ve got a special skill, consider tutoring or providing mentorship.

Write a Letter

Snail mail gets a bad rap, but who doesn’t like getting an actual letter in the mail, with some holiday-themed ribbon on the envelope?

Make a Scrapbook

The old construction paper and glue ones are fun projects for the kids — or go digital and create books of memories for the whole family. In this case, some of the assets you’re gathering for your VidDay video could be a nice lead-in to a big scrapbook project for the whole family.

Bake Some Holiday Treats

Technically, this tip wasn’t in the Huffington Post article — but I couldn’t let it go. Who doesn’t love the smell of treats baking in the oven on a late-December afternoon? Cookies, peppermint patties, and of course, fruitcakes — enjoy a sweet time.

And don't forget to check out our ultimate holiday video guide on how you can create the most sensational holiday video!


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