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Wedding Video Montage: A Must-Have for Every Couple

Create a wedding video montage as a memorable gift.

A wedding video montage has become essential at wedding receptions. Bringing together a compilation of video footage and photos set to music is an engaging way to tell the story of a couple's relationship.

And with creating a wedding montage is quick and easy, no matter your technical savviness.

There are many different wedding videos — here are our favorite ones you can make to celebrate a happily ever after.

5 Different Wedding Videos to Wow Guests

1. Love Story Montage

A video montage of the couple’s love story is a beautiful way to show wedding guests how they met, fell in love, and decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

Wedding video montage with VidDay video maker.
Easily bring your old video clips and photos to life.

This type of video is perfect for couples with an interesting or unique love story. It's also a great way to incorporate old home videos and photos that are rarely seen otherwise.

To create this type of video, you'll need to gather media such as:

  • Childhood photos

  • Home videos

  • Pictures from when they first met or first started dating

  • Footage of the couple's proposal or engagement party

  • Any other memorable moments throughout their relationship

With VidDay’s wedding video maker, you can also invite friends and family to add videos and pictures of the couple. All you need to do is share your unique link with people, and they submit their videos and photos.

All the uploaded videos and photos are collected for you in one place, where you can arrange them in any order to create a professional wedding video with the click of a button.

2. Well-Wishes Montage

A video montage full of well-wishes from friends and family shows the married couple everyone's support and love on their special day.

A beautiful video montage full of well-wishes from friends and family.
Collect video messages from friends and family.

This one-of-a-kind gift is perfect for couples with a large network of family and friends. And it's a creative way to include people who can't attend the wedding ceremony.

To create a montage of well-wishes, ask each person to film a short clip wishing the couple all the best. Then, add photos and videos of the couple throughout their relationship for an extra personal touch.

Submissions are collected for you with VidDay and are brought together into one impressive video.

3. Wedding Video Guestbook

More meaningful than a traditional guestbook, a wedding guestbook video lets you see and hear your wedding guests for years to come.

Wedding guestbook with QR code by VidDay

There are a few different ways to create a video guestbook, but one of the simplest is to set up a laptop or tablet at the reception area entrance with a sign that says, "Please record a video message for the newlyweds!"

Then, as friends and family arrive at the reception, they can stop and record a quick clip wishing the couple all the best.

Recording a video message for the wedding guestbook video.
Guests have fun recording video greetings for the wedding guestbook.

At the night's end, you'll have a beautiful collection of heartfelt messages from all your loved ones — something you can cherish forever.

4. Walk Down Memory Lane Montage

A video montage made with fond memories of the happy couple is truly unique. Invite your guests to record themselves sharing their favorite stories of the bride and groom.

Recording a video message for the wedding video gift.
Guests record and submit messages at the reception.

You can set up a private booth with a laptop or tablet for guests to record their stories.

Or, download a free VidDay wedding table card — print and place them on tables. Guests can follow the URL to record and upload their videos quickly.

"I remember when..."

All the funny and sometimes never-before-heard stories compile into a montage ready for the couple to watch the following morning. It will surely make everyone laugh and cry.

So go ahead and entertain wedding guests at the reception with a fun activity by inviting them to relive their favorite memories of the love birds.

5. Wedding Highlight Reel Montage

Make a video montage of the wedding day, seen through the eyes of your guests. Ask them to send their photos and videos captured throughout the special day and night.

Gather the wedding's best moments in a video souvenir.
Gather the wedding's best moments in a video souvenir.

You can create a highlight reel of your big day by bringing together heartwarming moments, like the first dance or cutting the cake.

It's a great way to share your wedding night with friends and family who couldn't attend.

Share the wedding day with people who couldn't attend.
Share your wedding day with people who couldn't attend.

A creative way to relive your special day and share your memories with others.

With VidDay, you can easily create a professional video montage in just a few clicks. Plus, you can take advantage of a few other features.

Group Gift Card

With VidDay, you have the option of activating a group gift card. So friends and family invited to submit their video clips or photos can also contribute funds towards a gift card for the newlyweds.

Group gift card as a wedding gift.
Send a group gift card with the video montage.

What you collect is what you give.

The recipients receive collected funds with their wedding video to claim as a gift card, with hundreds of popular retailers to choose from.


Turn your wedding video montage into a keepsake you can hold in your hands.

Personalized wedding video DVD or USB.
Order the wedding video as a DVD or USB keepsake.

You can order a DVD or USB of your wedding video with a beautifully personalized case that you can proudly place on your bookshelf.

So give VidDay a try and start your wedding video montage today.


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