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Warrior Will's Bell Ringing Celebration

Singer-songwriter Parker McCollum performed in Oklahoma on December 30th and surprised the audience with a special guest — a 9-year-old cancer survivor named Will.

"Will rings the bell in a few days. He has beat Leukemia," said Parker McCollum.

The enthusiastic audience applauded Will as he asked if he could say something into the microphone.

"Hey, OKC! Guess what? I'm kicking Cancer's ass!" screamed Will.

Will’s Instagram page shows a video of the extraordinary moment.
Will’s Instagram page shows a video of the extraordinary moment.

CMT reported that as Will flexed his muscles, the audience gave him massive applause.

Will Hughes, known as "Warrior Will" on Instagram, was diagnosed with Leukemia in November 2020. He has since spent almost three years enduring cancer treatment.

Will is going to ring the bell on January 15th to signify his great accomplishment. It means the end of a challenging chapter and the beginning of a new one.

Join in Will's VidDay Video

His parents are asking supporters to submit a short video with an encouraging message for Will.

The video can be well wishes, words of encouragement, or telling him how proud you are or how much you love him. Whatever you want to say!

You can go to to submit your message.

The submission deadline is January 15th, and the video will surprise him after he rings the bell.

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