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Send a Virtual Hug with VidDay

Who doesn’t need a hug now and again? There are plenty of reasons to hug someone: friendship, support, celebration, and love — plus so many more.

But sometimes we can’t always be there, so what’s the next best thing than a hug?

watching a virtual hug from vidday

A virtual hug!

Everyone could use a virtual hug. So let's dig a little deeper to find out what a virtual hug is and how you can share a virtual hug to let someone special know you're thinking about them.


Why Should You Give More Hugs?

Hugging is a handshake from the heart. It’s wild how such a simple action gives us so much and is mutually beneficial for both the giver and receiver. There are many positive effects of hugging, including a vast amount of research. What have researchers found? Well, hugging, cuddling, and touching is crucial to human development.

There are seven main reasons why we should be giving more hugs. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Hugs reduce your stress

  2. Hugs may protect you against illness

  3. Hugs may boost your heart health

  4. Hugs can make you happier

  5. Hugs help reduce your fears

  6. Hugs may help reduce your pain

  7. Hugs help you communicate with others

giving hugs is the best

But the real question is, how many hugs do we need? Well, first of all, we all need at least four hugs a day for survival. But we ideally need eight hugs a day just for general maintenance. And finally, we need 12 hugs a day for growth. So while that may sound like a lot of hugs, it seems that many hugs are better than not enough.

If you feel nervous about seeking out more hugs, there is another way to do it — virtually!


What is a Virtual Hug?

A virtual hug is a way of expressing the same emotions you would with a real hug through different means.

Giving a virtual hug is the same as an in-person hug, just with a twist. Instead of giving someone that hug in person, you send someone a huge virtually, for many different reasons. Why do people send virtual hugs, you might be asking yourself? Well, a virtual hug can go a long way, especially if you are far from that person. It can bring a smile to that person's face and make them feel loved.

Virtual hugs are more accessible than ever before, thanks to technology.


When to Send a Virtual Hug

For Someone’s Birthday

celebrating a virtual hug birthday

Sending a virtual hug to someone for their birthday is the best way to wish them a happy birthday — whether it’s a milestone birthday or not. Everyone loves birthday love on their birthday, so send that special birthday person a virtual hug to make them feel special on their big day.

For Someone’s Retirements

You can send your friend, spouse, or colleague a virtual hug for their retirement. A virtual hug can be the easiest way to send you love and congratulations on your retirement. Retirement is such a momentous occasion, and receiving a loving virtual hug will be something that will make their day that much better.

For a Couple’s Anniversary

virtual hug for an anniversary

An anniversary is already full of love, with hugs and kisses from everyone. So telling that happy couple, you love them with a virtual hug will make their anniversary that much sweeter. We can't always be there for someone's anniversary, so send a virtual hug to show them that they are on your mind and in your heart today.

For a New Baby Announcement

Any parent-to-be will appreciate receiving a virtual hug after a birth announcement. It's one of the most significant moments in anyone's life when they make a baby announcement, so show your love for them by sending them a virtual hug. It is one of the most incredible ways to acknowledge and send love to their soon-to-be bundle of joy.

For Someone’s Graduation

giving a virtual hug graduation

This moment calls for a celebration, but sometimes we cannot make it to the celebration. So send a Graduate a virtual hug to recognize all of their hard work and achievements. It's one of the most significant milestones in a young person's life, so celebrate them with the love of a virtual hug or, better yet, make it a virtual group hug.


How to Send a Virtual Hug

Send a Virtual Hug with Emojis

Sending the hug emoji 🤗 is the easiest way to show someone you're thinking of them. Using an emoji is a cute way to instantly send a virtual hug through text message, instant messaging, or on any social media. 🫂

Take a look at Emojipedia to find all the best virtual hugs.

Send a Virtual Hug with GIFs

Search for a "virtual hug," and you'll be sure to find loads of GIFs for you to send to anyone to brighten up their day. They are easy to send on any mobile device and even from your computer. Just copy and paste, then you're instantly ready to spread the virtual hugs.

Giphy has all of your virtual hug GIFs lined up for you.

Send a Virtual Hug with Memes

Memes are full of pop culture themes and can be found almost anywhere on the internet. So finding a meme of a virtual hug is simple. Memes, unlike GIFs, are usually static images or words, so find a meme to send a virtual hug and share it with someone on social media.

You’ll find the best virtual hug memes on Imgur.

Send a Virtual Hug with Video Messages

Sending a virtual hug through a video message is one of the most meaningful ways of sending someone a virtual hug. Seeing your face and your kind words will make anyone feel loved. So if you can't be there in person to hug them, give them a virtual one with a video message.


How to Send a Virtual Hug with VidDay

Sending a virtual hug is simple with VidDay. You can decide whether you want to create a virtual hug solo or invite everyone in on a big group hug.

Send a Virtual Hug for love

Invite friends, family, colleagues, and classmates to join the virtual hug. You can invite everyone to submit their virtual hug with a click of a button. Then, everyone can send a video message giving that special someone a giant virtual hug.

“Wow!!! It couldn't be any easier to make an incredible, meaningful, and unique gift. Highly recommend VidDay. The app and website are very intuitive and user-friendly. Customer service via chat answered all of my questions... the video is a treasure! Thank you so much!” — Cathy Cono

Once you've received everyone's virtual hugs, you can place them in whichever order you want. Then you can choose a beautiful theme and some background music. Thanks to VidDay's free previews, you can see how the virtual hug video looks before hitting submit. Once your virtual hug video is ready, you'll be able to share it with the recipient bringing them tears of joy.

Start your virtual hug video today to spread some joy and love.


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