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VidDay Helps to Build a Future for Kids

A portion of every VidDay video sold was donated to help build a school for children who are in critical need of a good learning environment.

Kids sitting in a classroom learning

In 2019 and the early part of 2020, VidDay partnered with a non-profit, Canadian registered charity called School for Kids in Laos (SKL). Every penny contributed to SKL goes directly towards their mission of building schools for children in rural regions of Laos.

Laos is a developing country in the heart of Southeast Asia. To this day, rural and remote villages are living with the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

Within a few months, VidDay went from contributing to school supplies to building a school.

You can watch VidDay's first 2019 school kit delivery here:

What started as a commitment to contribute to school supplies quickly grew into much more.

With the introduction of social distancing and the growing popularity of celebrating digitally, VidDay saw a drastic increase in video making. All of a sudden, VidDay was able to impact the lives of the children in Laos's rural regions in a more significant way.

SKL has already completed nine successful schools in Laos and is planning its tenth. SKL has committed to project 10 in the Khonevat village. Unfortunately, like everywhere, Laos is in lockdown, with schools and unessential services closed. The build will commence as soon as it is safe to do so.

VidDay Contributed Enough to Build

  • A classroom to create the best possible learning environment

  • Water supply so that kids have access to a clean water

  • Electrical supply to provide power to the school

  • Furniture to furnish the school with student benches and desks, teachers' desks and chairs, and chalkboards

  • Sanitary washrooms to provide safe, clean, and private sanitation facilities which creates a healthy environment

  • Textbooks for students to successfully progress in school, and life

VidDay is proud to be a company that is a force for good by positively impacting people worldwide—beyond sharing love through video gifts.

"We strive to leave this planet better than we've found it," said Denis Devigne, Co-founder.

Little things add up to big things. Helping children in need of a proper learning environment can have an unmeasurable ripple effect for years.

Visit for more information about SKL.


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