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The Perfect Gift For a Traveling Friend

This is a true story about how VidDay helped Alyssa send the perfect birthday gift to her best friend, Elly while being thousands of miles away from each other.

Alyssa and Elly dreamt of going on a trip together for a long time. Finally, in October of 2017, they set off on an unforgettable backpacking adventure across the diverse landscapes of South East Asia.

They hiked through some of the oldest, biologically rich, and fascinating rainforests on Earth. They explored the majestic ruins left behind by ancient civilizations. They felt the warm, soft sands of the beach between their toes as they gazed over a picture-perfect view of boats floating in front of beautiful rock formations.

Although Alyssa and Elly loved their time together, their trip eventually reached a fork in the road. Alyssa settled in Vietnam to relish the special mix of cultures and languages, while her sidekick, Elly, continued her adventure to Thailand, commonly known as the ‘Land of Smiles.’

During their time apart, Alyssa became aware that she wouldn't be able to celebrate Elly’s birthday with her.

Alyssa figured that this might leave Elly feeling homesick. It happens to everybody who travels at some point and can be a real downer, especially on a birthday.

Thankfully, Alyssa found Vidday to make her a surprise video montage full of family and friends wishing Elly a happy birthday. All Alyssa had to do was invite Elly’s family and friends from across the world to submit a short video clip. It’s that simple. Alyssa didn’t need to worry about editing videos because Vidday made the video for her.

On Elly’s birthday, you can imagine the feeling she got when she saw all the people she missed, thousands of miles away, sending good vibes and best wishes on a day she felt especially homesick.

No matter the occasion, big or small, VidDay makes it easy to bring people together to celebrate someone special. Receiving a VidDay video montage is a memorable gift that will leave the recipient feeling loved and appreciated.

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