10 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Your Besties

Your wedding day is coming fast, and between the ups and downs of planning, having your best friends by your side is invaluable.

From bridesmaid dresses to dress fittings and rehearsals, your friends are investing a significant amount of time and money to be there for you. As a token of appreciation, it is traditional for brides to honor their bridesmaids with a small gift. If you’re feeling frazzled, here are a few ideas to get you going.

Make a Surprise Video Montage

Making a wedding video montage as a gift with videos and photos from friends and family used to be a painstaking task. Not anymore! With VidDay, the video gift maker, it's so easy that anyone can make one. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer. No app download or editing skills required. Simply invite people to submit their videos and photos and VidDay makes the wedding video montage for you.

Framed Photos

If you have pictures of you with each bridesmaid (which you should, since they’re your best friends!), frame one and give it as a gift. This thoughtful gesture expresses your appreciation of their friendship and is something they can cherish for years to come.

Tote Bags

Depending on their duties, the day of your wedding can be chaotic even for your bridesmaids. A cute tote bag is a great gift as bridesmaids can store extra shoes, makeup, and clothing in a customized and easily transportable bag. Stock it with a few essentials like snacks, hand cream, blotting papers, and mint chewing gum.

Scented Candles

A scented candle is a classic bridesmaid gift. You can't go wrong with this widely accepted gift of gratitude. A cute candle warmer and a pack of wax melts also works well and lasts longer.

Unique Jewelry

Jewelry almost always makes a failproof bridesmaid gift. Make sure you pick something universal that can be worn more than just for the event and matches your friend’s taste in accessories. For example, a bold statement necklace may perfect for one, but not for another with a subtler style.

Engraved Wine Glasses

What girl doesn't love a good glass of wine? A wine glass is something your bridesmaids can use over and over again while being reminded of you and the special day. Engrave them with an uplifting quote or something you love about each woman. If you have the budget, add a bottle of her favorite vino to go with it.

Compact Mirrors

A compact mirror is a purse staple, but it’s surprising how many girls don’t have one. A monogrammed mirror is a great memento for your bridesmaids and offers a hint of personalization. Etching a message like “You Look Fantastic!” or “Hey, Beautiful” on the mirror’s surface would be sure to make her smile.

Bath Robes

A nice, fluffy robe is a great gift the day of the wedding and is also something that can be used forever. This will also help make sure your girls don’t suffer any hair or makeup mishaps while prepping for the big day.


If you're feeling really generous, you can offer to pay for a manicure for each bridesmaid. Group manicures are a great way for the girls (and you!) to bond and relax together. You'll also benefit from this gift when it’s time for photos.

Chair Massages

Like manicures, this is a more expensive gift idea. If you want, a full-blown 30- or 60-minute massage is great, but chair massages are a less expensive and still appreciated alternative. Hire a local massage therapist to come on-site for a couple of hours prior to the wedding (or even during the reception) and offer each friend a 15-minute rub.

Mini Liquor Bottles

Take the edge off with a nice stiff drink. This is an affordable yet fun token of appreciation that can be customized to each bridesmaid's taste. Check out SpiritFavors.com to choose from a wide selection of personal-sized bottles.

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