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Low Key Wedding Ideas For Your Big Day

It's time to say "I do" to a minimalist wedding ceremony.

Couples are choosing to make their big day a little more relaxed. Choosing smaller venues or even a fun no-frills elopement is becoming trendy.

bride and groom smiling at each other

Throwing a huge wedding party may seem overwhelming to you and your wallet. Your wedding should be about you and your future spouse celebrating each other.

So, if you're not the big wedding kind of person, or you'd like to save yourself (or your parents) some money, check out these great low-key wedding ideas.


Backyard Wedding

There is no place like home.

A backyard wedding is one of the most popular ideas for a low-key wedding — weather permitting. There are many great reasons to have a backyard wedding, especially since it creates an intimate affair.

bride and groom backyard wedding

A backyard wedding at one of your childhood homes will bring a little nostalgia to your big day.

Couples everywhere are marrying at home. You'll save money by having a backyard wedding, as the venue is typically the most expensive part of a wedding. Also, keeping your wedding guest list down to a couple dozen will help keep it an intimate wedding that you'll remember forever.

Home is where the heart is.

A backyard wedding will make your celebration even more meaningful because those surrounding you are close to where you feel the most comfortable.


Desert Elopement

An elopement doesn't always mean having a secret wedding that no one knows about. Instead, an elopement means having a more intimate affair with less than 30 guests.

Eloping brings the focus back to you and yourself on your wedding day.

bride and groom desert elopement

Although not a traditional wedding in a sense, you can still keep a conventional wedding going with a desert elopement. If you're in Las Vegas, there are tons of different wedding venues that you can book beforehand. You can still get all dolled up with the fancy wedding dress and tuxedos.

It's important to plan your elopement to have the perfect day.

Elopements held outside in nature are your best way to have a low-key wedding venue. This means that the planning process is much easier, less expensive, and less stressful. So go ahead and have your wedding held outside in the desert surrounded by red rocks, cactus, dunes, and everyone you love.


Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse weddings are becoming more and more popular for good reasons too. If you want to keep your wedding low-key, a courthouse wedding is a way. Plus, it can be kind of cool. A courthouse wedding means that you only need one witness. But don't worry, you can still invite your closest friends and family to join in.

A courthouse wedding affords you an intimate ceremony with only those who matter.

bride and groom courthouse wedding

Plus, with the money you're saving, you can use it to throw a big party afterward. So invite everyone to join you in celebrating after the wedding.

And, just because you're having a courthouse wedding doesn't mean you can't still have the flowers, the dress, and the shoes. You can still enjoy the traditions of an intimate wedding where the focus is on the two of you.

You can still get all dolled up or dressed down — it's your big day.


Create Memories for Your Low-Key Wedding

Weddings are always a time for celebration! Weddings are a time to celebrate love with friends and family. Creating a wedding video gift is a perfect way to celebrate the couple.

bride and groom laughing together

Creating a wedding video gift will bring joy and perhaps a few tears of happiness to the special couple. Need a little help with wedding wishes — check out our wedding wishes generator for some inspiration.

Why are group wedding videos such a great wedding gift?

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Celebrate better together by congratulating the couple with a group wedding video gift. Start one today.


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