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Party Ideas for Life’s Most Under-Celebrated Moments

Let's RSVP to a new kind of celebration.

It's time to have some parties for life's under-celebrated moments. What kind of parties are these, you may be asking yourself? Well, alternative celebrations are for marking a new milestone you've just hit or opening a new chapter in your life.

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So many under-celebrated moments happen in our lives, so let's start your alternative party.

Click to jump below to an alternative occasion that speaks to you:


So Long, Student Loans Celebration

Everyone throws a huge bash when they graduate college, so why not have a party when you pay off your debt, too?

You can celebrate however you'd like. However, there is only one rule — you cannot go into debt throwing this party.

Throw a Digital Party

Include all your friends or family in a video call and enjoy each other's company. You could even schedule different calls with different groups of your friends and family so you can focus on celebrating with each group.

a girl recording a selfie

Include a video slideshow of all of your friends and family congratulating you on paying off your student loan — finally. A video slideshow is a memorable keepsake that you can have forever. Remember how proud you are of finishing your education and paying off that loan!

Treat Yourself

Go ahead and treat yourself. It's time to treat yourself to something nice. Choose an item or experience that is meaningful to you. Whether buying yourself a new outfit, a new pair of shoes, or going out to dinner. Just treat yourself to whatever makes you happy.

It's always good to take a step back and enjoy what you have in life. You've worked hard for it, so it's time to treat yourself for all the hard work you've put in over the years.

Treat Someone Else

What's better than treating yourself?

Treat others, including those who have helped you or have been there through your entire process of paying off your student loans.

a group of friends giving a cheers

If it's your parents, treat them to a lovely dinner at their favorite restaurant. Don't forget to splurge on some wine for them — they'll appreciate it. If you want to treat some of your friends, invite them over for a home-cooked meal, and enjoy some good food and good conversation together.

No matter who you treat, ensure they know that you appreciate their support and everything they've done for you.


To New Beginnings, Divorce Party Ideas

When you're going through a divorce, a party might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Divorce is rough, we know, but it can be the beginning of something wonderful and highly liberating.

A divorce party is the best way to start your new chapter — celebrating your fresh new start with an unforgettable divorce party surrounded by all of your best friends.

When Life Gives You Lemons

You make lemonade. It's now time to turn a sour situation into a sweet one. It's time to have a cheeky party centered around lemons.

Why? Because when life hands you lemons, you party — turning that not-so-fun situation into a blast with your closest friends.

a group of friends cheering

It's simple to put together. Your color scheme is obviously yellow and lots of it. Choose yellow plates, cups, and streamers.

Then, go to your nearest grocery store, pick up a ton of lemons, place them all around and if you're feeling it, use some to make some fresh lemonade.

Don't forget the divorce cake. Lemon flavored — of course.

Cleansing Party

It's a new beginning, and you deserve to rid yourself of all the negativity that's been surrounding you. So what is the best way to do this? First, cleansing. Once you've cleansed yourself of your spouse, it's time to wash your aura of all the negative energy associated with them.

Invite your closest friends and family members who had negative interactions with your former spouse to remove the negativity together.

It's a healing event that will help to prepare you for the next new exciting phase of your life.

Make A Weekend Of It

Why throw a party when you could make a weekend of it instead? Gather your friends and head off to a luxury hotel, rent a stunning house or even go glamping if that's more your style. Enjoy your time together and say goodbye emotionally to your divorce.

a group of men walking in nature

Don't forget a video gift. You can include a VidDay divorce gift with any of these divorce party options. Think about it, gathering all of your friends together to give profound words of encouragement will bring a smile to their faces and fill them with joy and optimism.

Find out how a VidDay divorce gift works here.


Adopt a Pet Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate the day that you adopted your pet! Bringing a new pet into your life is always a fantastic time, and you should celebrate that special time with your friends and family.

Celebrate with an adoption pet birthday party — here are some great ideas on how.

Backyard BBQ

If you have a lean, mean grilling machine on your hands, you have to have a backyard BBQ to welcome your new furry friend into your family. So let's get out the grill master's hat and aprons and fire up that BBQ because it's time for a celebration.

a group of friends outside with a dog

Celebrating the adoption of a new pet should be celebrated with friends and family around.

Having a BBQ is a great tradition to begin. On your newly adopted pet's birthday, you can carry out the backyard BBQ tradition where food is cooked outside, shared, and eaten with friends and family each year.

Puppy Potluck Party

Celebrating your puppy's actual birthday, adoption day, or just welcoming him to the family with a playdate potluck at the off-leash park. Of course, you might want to have the potluck after the dog park at home, but it's up to you.

Ask all of your dog friends to join you at an off-leash park to let all the dogs have fun and get some energy out.

It's potluck time. Ask all of your puppy friends to bring some food for the humans and a treat… or two. It's the perfect time to introduce your puppy to all of your friends. Sit back and enjoy some food and laughter together.

Cat Cafe Vibes

It's time to invite all of your cool cat friends because it will be a cat cafe kind of party. Whether you've adopted a tiny kitten or an older cat, you will want to celebrate. What better way to celebrate than a chill, sophisticated indoor tea party?

two women one cuddling a cat

Put on some jazz coffee house music, and you're ready for a good afternoon of tea and chatter with your other cat friends. So what goes along perfectly with a cat adoption party? That's simple, a VidDay video gift.

Have all your cat-loving friends upload photos of their cats and messages of love and support for your cat's new home. It will be a purrrfect way to celebrate the addition to your family.


Phenomenal Resignation Party Ideas

You're free! You've submitted your two weeks notice, or you've just finished up your last day on the job. Well, now it's time to celebrate new beginnings.

It's time to gather all your friends and family to celebrate the new path you are about to embark on. Here are a few party ideas for you.

Celebrate with Cake

You've mustered up the courage to say farewell to all of your bosses and colleagues. But, it's hard to give in your resignation notice when you're leaving a job you didn't like or a job that treated you well.

a man eating cake

So why not celebrate your resignation with a fun cake for your colleagues?

Since you spent so much time crafting the perfect resignation letter, why not share it with more than just your boss? Have your resignation letter printed onto a cake. Share with everyone in the office you liked, and yes, those who you didn't as well. It's the perfect way to say farewell.

Ax Throwing Party

Looking for a high-action activity to get some of your pent-up frustration out?

Try an ax-throwing party.

Ax throwing has grown as a sport over the years. Have a little friendly competition, or just let off some steam. Ax throwing is a great way to celebrate your resignation.

Not really into ax throwing? Why not try a break room? A break room (sometimes called a "rage room") is a room designed specifically for destruction. It is a safe place to break items without worrying about the mess.

The perfect place to release energy, de-stress and have fun.

A Sweet Escape Party

Whether you're happy that you escaped your job, or if you need a little escape from working, try planning a weekend away. It doesn't need to be far. It can even be local. You can rent a cute hotel room to relax and unwind.

a woman drinking coffee outdoors

You can create a sweet escape party with a tropical theme and a tiki bar if you want to go all out. Ask all your guests to wear a Hawaiian shirt and have fun.

Don't forget to create a VidDay for the sweet escape party. Have all of your old managers and colleagues join in on a VidDay video gift. Get them to give you some departing advice or remember a good time you and they shared.

It's a great memento to remind yourself of the good times you had worked there.


They’re Gone, Empty Nester Party Ideas

When your kids decide that it's time for them to spread their wings and leave the nest, you might have some conflicting feelings. You are so happy that they're starting their new life as an adult but are sad to see them go.

It's okay to be sad that they have left while celebrating your freedom. So here are some wonderful empty nester ideas.

Slow it Down

We know that parents worry, and we assume that you haven't had a decent night of sleep since the kids were born. So now's your chance to catch up on all of the zzzzzz's you've missed out on. Did someone say daily naps? Yes! You can have a mid-afternoon siesta just like the Spanish do.

a couple relaxing in a hammock

How does an early night's bedtime sound? No more staying awake worrying about where your teenager is. Time to hit the bed sack at 7 pm. Okay, that might be a little early, but you understand. Or perhaps you're a night owl who did not want to keep the kids awake. Well, now's the time to stay up all night long.

Enjoy the time to yourself.

Plan a Getaway

Always wanted to see the beaches in Thailand? Or explore the jungles of Brazil? But could never find someone to watch the kids, or were too worried about leaving them alone for too long?

Now is your chance to go and explore the world.

Plan a getaway to escape to the mountains or waterfront. Don't worry, be spontaneous and shake it up. Now is the time if you can't remember the last time you went for a spa day. What about the last time you slept past 9 am? Do that too. The world is your oyster.

Lastly… Celebrate!

We know that you are sad that all of the kids have left the nest, but they will come back to visit you, have no worries about that. And, of course, they will raid your fridge while they are back. So now is the time to celebrate being empty nesters.

an older couple cheerings with wine

It's time to pull out that bottle of Champagne you've had in the fridge for absolutely no occasion. Now is the occasion. Let's get fancy and boil some lobster at home on a weeknight to indulge yourself with.

Celebrate a new chapter that you are beginning. Do all the things you couldn't do with kids around, and do them with a smile.


Celebrate Life’s Most Undercelebrated Moments

With VidDay’s mission to make a billion people smile. We are harnessing the power of video to allow you to celebrate all of life's most undercelebrated moments.

two woman watching a video

VidDay allows you to bring people together by creating a meaningful gift while staying eco-friendly.

Plus, VidDay enables you to celebrate those under-celebrated moments by allowing you to crowdsource video clips, photos, and text cards.

“So easy, so memorable! I've done six VidDays for various occasions, and they are always the highlight of the celebration. Love this product.” — Shannon Sabourin

All so you can create a beautiful video gift that the recipient will cherish forever. Check out our ultimate video-making guide to see how you can create a video for those under-celebrated moments.

So let's start on celebrating all of those under-celebrated moments with a VidDay video gift. Learn more about how to create the perfect video gift.


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