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October’s Month Dose of Goodness 

Boo, it’s October 👻🎃🍠

As the leaves turn into brilliant gems of color, the air cools, soups simmer once again, and pumpkin spice everything, we enter the spookiest month of the year.

But have no fear. We have some uplifting stories to save you from a fright.


October’s Month Dose of Goodness 

Two Men Lost at Sea for 29 Days Say It 'was a Nice Break From Everything'

In this wild story, two men were rescued after spending 29 days lost in the Pacific Ocean, surviving on rainwater and coconuts. After being rescued, one of the guy's responses was, "it was a nice break from everything." Wonderful? Or terrifying?


October’s Month Dose of Goodness 

The Recovering Sea Otters Can Help in the Fight of Climate Change

Did you know that recovering populations of sea otters don't just transform their ecosystems? Neither did we! They can turn them into a powerful carbon sink.


October’s Month Dose of Goodness 
Source: Hilary Michelson / St. Croix Hospice

Hospice Workers Help a Couple in Their 90s Take Wedding Photos They Never Had

Royce King, 98, and his wife, Frankie, 97, finally took wedding photos after 77 years together. All in thanks to a sweet gesture by their hospice workers. You need to see these wedding photos — so cute!


October’s Month Dose of Goodness 
Source: Carlo Ratti Associati

Towering Over the City, This 'farmscraper' Will Produce 270 Tons of Food

A new 51-story 'farmscraper' in China, designed by an Italian architecture firm Carlo Ratti, will grow food for Shenzhen. The "Farscraper" will produce over 270 tons of food from hydroponics on its 51-stories.


Spread Some Goodness This October

With VidDay’s mission to make a billion people smile, we are a start-up with a heart. We are harnessing the power of video to spread goodness across the globe.

dose of goodness october

VidDay brings people together by creating a meaningful gift that brings people together all while staying eco-friendly. VidDay allows you to crowdsource video clips, photos, and text cards. So you can create a beautiful video gift that the recipient will cherish forever.

“Great service to easily send the requests to upload the videos and then very quick and comfortable to edit the final version. Created a birthday video for my hubby with music, friend’s video congrats, and photos. He loved it.” — Victoria Klesh

Not only is creating a VidDay more eco-friendly than purchasing a paper greeting card, but sustainability is at the core of our business. This is why for every video purchased, a portion of the profits goes to planting trees. With over 100,000 trees planted already, we are on our way to growing a forest.

We also understand how important words of encouragement can be during a difficult time. This is why we wanted to help people during their time in need, so we decided to offer Get Well videos for free. That’s right, 100% free.


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