Give a memorable video as a birthday gift!

Collaborate on a custom video as a surprise.

Surprise them with a gift they’ll love long after their birthday.

Collaborate with friends and family around the world. 


It’s the perfect gift to make someone feel close, even if they’re far away.

A video is the most sincere way to send your message.


Written messages are nice, but hearing the "happy birthday" wishes are way better.

It’s incredible to see their priceless reaction.


Imagine the look on their face when they see their custom birthday video.


VidDay is an easy, collaborative and beautiful birthday video maker.


Add a video message wishing them the best on their birthday.

Or, take a walk down memory lane with a series of photos. Here are some ideas to help get the creative juices flowing for your video message.

I'll never forget that time we...


Invite friends and family to submit their video messages and photos.

You can preview video clips as they get submitted and sort them in the order you want. Seeing everyone come together for one person in a video is a surprise that can’t be beaten. 


When you're ready, hit the publish button and VidDay makes the video for you.

You don’t need editing skills because VidDay makes a beautiful video for you. It’s that easy! Now you have time to do something else… like learning a new instrument.

VidDay is such a good gift to give to anyone! ​

My husband received one for his 30th birthday and it was so great seeing his reactions to all the people wishing him a happy birthday and sending their love. VidDay is so easy to use and the customer service is fantastic! I would highly recommend!

- Stephanie

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Give an unforgettable birthday gift this year.

Vidday collaborative video maker for birthdays, weddings, retirements and more.
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