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Amazon Web Services Media: VidDay Taps AWS to Deliver Out-of-This World Video Greeting

Thanks to the help of Amazon Web Services (AWS), VidDay has helped make over a million people smile in 185+ countries — and even in space!

Amazon Web Services

While we are still making our way to our goal of a billion smiles across the globe, we’ve been fortunate enough to make some smiles beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. We delivered our first, but not last, video greeting card to an astronaut this past Christmas, all thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As AWS Media Explains in Their Recent Feature on VidDay

While preparing for space take-off, we replied on AWS services that power our video gift-giving platform.

“Using AWS Lambda, code was run on the VidDay site without provisioning or managing servers, while AWS Elemental MediaConvert provided video transcoding.”

This was one of the most ambitious tasks we’ve ever taken, said our CEO, Ross Sabourin. He shared our experience with AWS and VidDay’s adventure on going to space and beyond!

Hearts emerging from a space station with Earth looming behind

“The end result is a testament to what’s possible with modern technology like VidDay and AWS, and a shared passion for making people smile.”

“The way I see it, we shot for the moon and landed amongst the stars; however, none of this would have been possible without the help of Luther star Idris Elba, Canada’s astronaut-hero Chris Hadfield, and the astronaut’s father along with all of the video greeting participants, and a robust, dynamic backend powered by AWS, which supported everything from media storage to encoding and beyond.”

“In addition, the VidDay backend that was used to power the video greeting card comprises the Amazon Athena."

As our video greeting platform innovates and expands what’s possible in the world of video greetings, we look forward to seeing how Amazon’s machine learning solutions might play a role within VidDay.

Until then, our passion always remains to spread small acts of kindness because we believe that all of these little acts will add up to something bigger.

Look no further than the smile on the astronaut’s face as proof that our efforts are creating joy worldwide and even in outer space.

To learn more about VidDay, check us out here.


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