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8 Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Finding an anniversary gift idea for parents can be a little overwhelming. So let's feel good about what we're giving them by softening our ecological footprint by choosing a gift that's eco-friendly and kind to your budget.

Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts for Parents

We've set out to find the best eco-friendly anniversary gifts for your parents that genuinely say, "I care about you and the future of our planet."

What is the Perfect Gift?

Here's a little helpful tip, ideally, the perfect gift must be NICE:

  • Novel: not yet owned by the receiver

  • Individualized: tailored to the receiver’s likes and wants

  • Convenient: easy to buy, easy to post, easy to wrap

  • Everlasting: to last a lifetime of memories

With that being said, here are our favorite gifts that prove that you can be sustainable while gifting.


a couple watching their vidday video gift for their anniversary

1. VidDay Anniversary Video

VidDay is a lovely anniversary gift idea for parents. Gather together old photos and video clips into on beautiful anniversary video gift with VidDay. You can invite friends and family to join in and submit any videos or pictures that they have of your parents.

Take them on a walk down memory lane with this anniversary video gift. You can also make a video of your parent’s friends, family members, and colleagues talking about how much they appreciate them and how happy they are to be celebrating their anniversary with them!

Plus, with VidDay, a video anniversary gift doesn’t contribute to the physical “stuff” economy that negatively impacts the environment.

Check out how to make your own anniversary video with VidDay.


a man wearing slippers and holding a cat for an anniversary
Source: Baabuk

2. Sustainable Wool His and Her Slippers

Coming home after a long day of work and putting on a warm comfy pair of slippers can make anyone feel relaxed. So it’s a perfect anniversary gift idea for your parents.

These sustainable wool pairs from Baabuk are not only eco-friendly but are so very comfortable! You can choose from a slip-on style or a bootie style, whichever you think you’re mom and dad would love the most. Plus, select your parent’s favorite colors for their new slippers.

We can already feel mom and dad becoming more comfortable.


a headspace subscription for an anniversary gift
Source: Headspace

3. Digital Entertainment Membership

Not only are subscriptions eco-friendly, but they are super helpful as you know they will be used. Like a VidDay anniversary video gift, subscriptions don’t contribute to a stuff economy, so it won’t negatively impact the environment. There are loads of different subscriptions to choose from.

Are your parents more of a bookworm? Audible has them all. Parents not into digital books? Get them a library card to their local library. Or maybe they’ve been talking about destressing and getting back to themselves.

Headspace is a mediation app that will guide them through a series of different mediations. There are many subscription services to choose from, so you’re destined to find the perfect one for your parent’s anniversary.


Planting a tree for an anniversary gift
Source: One Tree Planted

4. Planting a Tree

Celebrate another year of your parent’s marriage with an anniversary gift of a tree. Planting a tree together and watch it grow with your parents for years to come, there is nothing more fulfilling.

When you purchase a VidDay Anniversary Video, you’ll be contributing to having a tree planted. VidDay uses a portion of its profits to plant trees around the world, which means you get a two-in-one, which is a fantastic anniversary gift idea for parents!

I don’t think we need to mention how eco-friendly it is to plant a tree, but we will anyway!

A young tree absorbs about 5900 grams of CO2 per year, while a 10-year-old tree absorbs almost 22.000 grams per year. Plus, trees do more than absorb CO2. On hot days, trees help to cool down the temperature. By planting trees in certain places, you can reduce the amount of cooling in a building by up to 30%, saving you on your electricity bill!

Plus, trees provide much-needed habitats for all sorts of wildlife.

So if you’re searching for an anniversary gift idea for your parents, consider planting a tree.


A watercolor drawing  of a house for an anniversary
Source: Robin Ingles

5. Custom Watercolor Painting

In search of an anniversary gift that's the perfect combination of unique, sentimental, and thoughtful? Get your parents a watercolor painting of their current house. Or, if you want to take them down memory lane, you can get both of the homes they grew up in, so they always remember where they came from.

Not only are they super well done, but they are a gift of memories making it an excellent anniversary gift idea for parents.

You don't have to get your current home done. Perhaps you all have beautiful memories of going to a cottage or cabin. Why not get that painted for them, so they'll constantly be reminded of the memories they had there. Or was there a farm that you went to? There are so many different places to get painted.

Choose the place that's closest to their hearts for their anniversary gift.


a charcuterie board filled with different foods for an anniversary

6. DIY a Charcuterie Board

Whether they are meat-eaters, paleo, vegan, or gluten-free — include everything that they love for them. This anniversary gift idea for parents is perfect for even the pickiest eater!

Head out to your local grocery store, farmers market, or anything that you are close to. Pick your mom and dad's favorite food. Now is the time to splurge for their anniversary, so get them everything that they might not get for themselves.

You can top off the charcuterie board with their favorite bottle of wine, beer, or mixed drink. Cause you'll need something to wash down the food with.

They always say that to get to someone's heart is through their stomach. So treat your parents to a beautiful charcuterie board for an anniversary gift.


The adventure challenge book and camera set for an an anniversary
Source: The Adventure Challenge

7. The Adventure Challenge Couples Camera Set

Whether your parents are adventurous or need a little more adventure in their lives, The Adventure Challenge will provide them with hours of fun time together.

An anniversary gift idea for parents is the couple’s camera set. This set includes a camera to capture their new adventures and to document their new memories. Plus, they’ll get a book that contains scratch-off adventures. Plus, an area to leave their photos from the adventure and an area to write notes.

This is a perfect anniversary gift for anyone's parents looking to mix it up a little!


a couple eating dinner outside for their anniversary

8. A Cute Dinner Party

Much like the VidDay anniversary video going along with the tree planting. A cute dinner party can go along well with a DIY charcuterie board.

Whether in your backyard, at a restaurant, or in a park, fill your parent’s tummies with joy and food! Gather everyone around to share in on the good food, good wine, and good conversation.

Being together is the biggest gift of all for any parent's anniversary.


Creating an Anniversary Video Gift for the Special Couple

VidDay is a collaborative video maker for people who want to give a beautiful anniversary gift.

Wishing someone a happy anniversary

VidDay makes it easy to collaborate with friends and family on a beautiful video gift for an anniversary or any special occasion. VidDay has created the ultimate guide to anniversary videos to learn more about creating an anniversary.

“Easy to use program. The finished product was great and provided the perfect memento for my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary.” — Boo Lee

Whether you’re close or not to the couple celebrating their anniversary — it’s always hard to know what to say in an anniversary video or card. Need a little more inspiration on what to say in an anniversary video gift? Well, look no further. Check out this anniversary wish idea generator.

Now that you know exactly what to say in an anniversary video gift, it's time to create your video.


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