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100th Birthday Party Ideas

Did you know only a tiny fraction of a percent of the world's population will ever reach 100 years old?

0.004% to be exact — now that's worth celebrating!

100 year old lady watching a video

Here are some unique 100th birthday party ideas and activities worthy of this colossal milestone.


Present a Surprise Video at the Party

Imagine this...

Everyone gathers around a big screen, the lights dim, the music starts, and the whole room is fixated on the beautiful video full of video messages and old photos — a collection of memories from a full life.

Playing a group birthday video at the party is a fun way to bring friends and family together to celebrate 100 trips around the sun.

And it's easy with VidDay birthday videos.

a woman waving in a 100th birthday video

You can quickly invite everyone to record and submit a video message of themselves sharing birthday wishes, cherished memories, and stories of the centenarian. Of course, they can even submit photos too.

Video messages and photos are collected for you, and you can arrange them in any order. There are even beautiful video themes and background music to set the right mood.

With the click of a button, the video montage is made for you, and just like that, you've created a fun birthday activity for the 100th milestone party.

The guest of honor can download the video as a keepsake to enjoy and watch as many times as they want.

100th Birthday DVD & USB Keepsake

When the birthday video is done, you can turn it into a souvenir to give out to all your family members.

100th birthday video keepsake

You can order a DVD or USB of the 100th birthday video with a beautifully personalized case that you can proudly place on your bookshelf.

Start for free and give VidDay a try today.


Here's a collection of 100th birthday wishes and quotes to help you make a surprise birthday video to celebrate this incredible milestone:


Photo Displays

For the centenarian birthday party, display photos of the guest of honor from their youngest days up until today. You could create a video slideshow with these photos that can play throughout the party. It's something beautiful that everyone can watch as the party goes on.

old photos from the 100th birthday

If you have a lot of pictures that exist offline, frame them and use them on a sideboard, or hang them on a wall for everyone to enjoy. Then, blow up the centenarian's favorite photo of themselves and place it at the entrance to the party.

As guests arrive, have everyone sign the picture, creating a beautiful keepsake for the centenarian.


Memory Scrapbook

Put together a memory scrapbook for the centenarian — it's easier than you'd think. When inviting the guests, ask them to bring a written memory of this person so you can put together a scrapbook of memories later. There are so many different templates that you can use.

craft supplies and 100th happy birthday tag

Check online for great digital scrapbook templates, then send the templates to each guest to fill out.

Look back in time. Do some research into what was going on 100 years ago today. Find interesting news stories and facts about what happened when the centenarian was born.

Then, put these news clippings or print-outs into the scrapbook to remind them to see if it brings back some beautiful memories.


100-Item Birthday Surprise

It cannot be easy to imagine just how old 100 is. So gather 100 items together to show how big 100 actually is.

Putting together all these items will emphasize how momentous and rare this birthday milestone truly is.

100 balloons for 100th birthday

Here are some creative ways you can visually show 100:

  • Colorful centerpiece with 100 of their favorite flowers

  • Table displaying 100 cookies, muffins, and other tasty treats

  • A big jar filled with 100 candies

  • Room jam-packed with 100 balloons


A Signed Letter from the President

Did you know you can ask the White House to send a signed letter from the President wishing the centenarian a happy birthday?

It's easy to do.

All you need to do is visit the White House website and fill out this form. It's a long form to fill out, but it's worth it.

get white house to say happy 100th birthday

If you're not American but live in the Commonwealth, you're in luck too.

You can get a personalized letter from Queen Elizabeth II to the centenarian. That's right, the Queen herself will send the centenarian a personalized letter wishing them a happy 100th birthday.

You'll need to visit the Royal website and fill out this form.

You can also get the centenarian on your local television and radio stations. Many local news shows love creating stories about someone turning 100, so reach out to see if they want to cover your loved one.


Create a Personalized 100th Birthday Gift

A 100th birthday is a rare milestone that should be celebrated with close friends and family. So get together, enjoy cake, and a group birthday video gift.

100 year old lady watching her birthday video

A group video is a unique 100th birthday gift and the most sincere way to wish a happy birthday.

You'll take the centenarian on a lovely stroll down memory lane with old photos and videos everyone submitted.

“We used VidDay to make a birthday video for my mother-in-law's 100th birthday. The service was excellent, and the end product was awesome. Highly recommended” — Les Johnson

Learn more about creating your birthday video with our handy birthday video guide.

Celebrate better together by saying Happy 100th Birthday with a group VidDay video gift. Start one today.


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