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Tips on How to Create a Bridal Shower Video Gift

Every soon-to-be bride needs to take a moment to sit back, relax, de-stress, and celebrate her upcoming wedding with some of her friends and family. A bridal shower is a perfect chance for the bride to do just that and an opportunity for her friends and family to give their congrats and best wishes.

Bridal shower video gift

Have you been invited to a bridal shower?

Unsure of what to give for a bridal shower gift?

What’s the perfect bridal shower gift?

Ideally, the Perfect Bridal Shower Gift Should Be NICE

  • Novel: not yet owned by the soon-to-be bride

  • Individualized: tailored to the soon-to-be bride’s likes and wants

  • Convenient: easy to buy, easy to post, easy to wrap

  • Everlasting: to last a lifetime of memories for the soon-to-be bride

Considering so many things, it is hardly surprising that several people have decided to break with the tradition of giving a material gift. Instead, there has been a movement toward gifting someone an experience. Not only is it more personal for the soon-to-be bride, but it’s also a lot more environmentally friendly.

Creating a VidDay video gift is the perfect experience gift to celebrate that soon-to-be bride. Gather messages and photos from her friends, family, colleagues, and anyone who wants to give their best wishes.

You might be wondering how to create this masterpiece of a gift.

Keep on reading to find out.


How Do You Create a Bridal Shower Video?

Getting started with a bridal shower video is easy. All you have to do is follow these three steps, and you’re on your way to creating memories that will last a lifetime.

a look inside the vidday app for bridal shower videos

Getting Started

Getting Started on a bridal shower video is simple.

To start a video gift, you must answer a few questions, create an account, and have an Event Page ready for you. Here is where the magic happens!

On your Bridal Shower Event Page, you’ll be able to choose from various themes and music, plus add in text cards — to give your personal touch.

seeing all the media for a bridal shower video

Add Video Clips and Photos

You must upload your bridal shower videos and pictures to your VidDay Bridal Shower Event Page. Then, you can share the link with all the guests, including those who cannot attend. With this link, they can upload their video messages and photos to the soon-to-be bride.

It’s easy to share the link. You can share it via text message, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other way you prefer.

Once you have all your uploads into your Bridal Shower Event Page, drag and drop the media in any order — add in-text cards, choose your themes, and fun background music.

With easy-to-use editors, you can edit as much or as little as you wish. But don’t worry, no editing skills are required.

sending in a video message to a bridal shower video

Share the Surprise!

It’s time for us to work our magic! We will create your bridal shower video into something that the bride can watch over and over again, creating lasting memories. So, sit back and let us work our magic.


What Are Some Bridal Shower Messages?

Here are things to say in your bridal shower video.

an old couple sending in a message for bridal shower video

Simple Bridal Shower Wishes

  • Best wishes on your upcoming nuptials!

  • So happy to share your bridal shower with you.

  • Congratulations on your new journey. I’m so happy for you.

  • You two are #RelationshipGoals!

  • Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Funny Bridal Shower Wishes

  • Congratulations, and may you both stay consciously coupled forever.

  • I hope that you’re not too nervous about the big day. So let’s stay calm and bridal party on!

  • Wishing you much happiness, gifts, and champagne lots of champagne! Oh wait, this isn’t the bachelorette party?

  • Glad you were able to find someone that can tolerate you. Just bugging you. Congratulations on finding your perfect person.

  • So happy for you both, now let’s party! Oh, wait, this isn’t the bachelorette party? My bad.

Heartfelt Bridal Shower Wishes

  • Congratulations on a beautiful partnership, and may you have many years of happiness ahead of you. I can’t wait to celebrate with you on the big day!

  • Congratulations! You couldn’t have found a better person to start a new chapter in life. Wishing love, health, and happiness to you both!

  • You are one of my favorite people in the world, and it brings me joy to see you happy. I wish you so much happiness in the years to come.

  • Congratulations on finding your perfect match. I can’t imagine a better partner for you — he’s your other half.

  • I hope that you find true happiness together in this crazy world. Don’t take each other for granted and always be there for each other — happy bridal party to the beautiful bride-to-be.


A Bridal Shower Gift Like No Other

Celebrate a bridal shower with a surprise video gift that they’ll love.

With VidDay, you can easily collect video messages and photos from friends and family to create a beautiful bridal shower gift that will last a lifetime of memories.

Treat the bride to something special — learn the ins and outs in our Ultimate Wedding Video Guide.

Make a bridal shower video in minutes and outdo yourself. ♥


Do You Need Help with VidDay?

We offer friendly and helpful customer service; we’re here to make you smile with anything needed. Please email us at [email protected] anytime or use our live chat to speak with a live customer service representative.


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