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The Holiday Video Greeting Card That Means So Much More

VidDay makes spreading holiday joy easy, safe, and very (very) meaningful.

One day things are normal and status quo. Then, suddenly, you’re concerned about mask fashion and strategically planning your trip to the grocery store so you can follow the decals appropriately.

Yep, the world we live in today is a brand new place.

holiday video greeting beside a Christmas tree.

A Holiday Season Unlike Any Other

This past year has brought all sorts of change. For many of us, this has meant being apart from our loved ones, including friends and family.

Normally, planning your trip home for the holidays is easy. A couple of clicks, and you’re all set for a relaxing ride on an airplane or a scenic road trip.

But this year, coming together for Christmas and holiday celebrations is not quite so simple.

Seeing your loved ones may not be easy or even possible this year, but it’s during times like these that it becomes so critical to connect with those who matter most. It’s never been more important to show you care and to offer support and love.

VidDay is here to help!

Grandparents watching their grandkids in a VidDay
Express your love and appreciation in a Holiday video greeting.

A Greeting Card That Means and Says So Much More

There’s a special feeling you get when you see your loved one’s face. It’s warm, fuzzy, and instantly makes the corners of your mouth turn upwards (we’re talking about smiling, just to be clear). That connection and love is something we all need, and that’s why we do what we do here at VidDay.

VidDay makes sending personalized video greetings easy and affordable.

You can create a completely personalized video greeting to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season.

Your video montage can include as many people as you want. It can say anything you want, it can be as long as you want, and you can send it to as many people as you want.

VidDay is so much more than a traditional greeting card or holiday message!

No Trips to the Mall, No Shipping Costs, and No Environmental Waste

What’s it like to receive a holiday card?

You open it up, let out an “aww,” and then put it on your fridge and then toss it in the bin.

A professional video greeting from VidDay can be made from home, is delivered right to the recipient, and will endure forever.

You can see their beautiful faces as they deliver their heartfelt holiday wishes in their own words. Plus, you can keep it and play it over and over as many times as you want.

VidDay is the next best thing to having your loved ones right there with you.

Making a Christmas video card with VidDay is easy!
Holiday video greetings made easy!

How to Make a Holiday Video Greeting with VidDay

(HINT: it’s easy)

Creating a “don’t worry, these are tears of joy” video greeting card from VidDay is simple and fun. In fact, you can create a personalized video greeting in four easy steps.

Step 1: Create an Event Page

 Step 1: Create a Holiday Event Page.
Create a Holiday Event Page in just a few clicks!

Answer three simple questions to get started:

  • What is this video for? The holidays, a birthday, anniversary, to send appreciation or congratulations—whatever.

  • Who will be receiving this video? It can be one special someone or multiple special someone.

  • When do you want all video clips and photos submitted? Set a due date for all those contributing to your holiday video so you can deliver your greeting on time.

VidDay creates a page that is dedicated to your video greeting. It’s where all of your video clips and photos will be housed and will include all of the information relating to your holiday greeting. Everything you need in one place!


Step 2: Gather and Upload Media

Step 2: Gather and upload media.
Easily collect and upload video messages and photos

Now that you have an Event Page, it’s time to start creating your video greeting. You can invite as many people as you want to contribute, and you can also upload any video clip or pictures. All of this media will live on the Event Page.

  • Send as many people as you want the link to the Event Page. All they have to do is click the link and record and upload their contribution. This can be done from any device!

  • Record and upload any of your own media to the Event Page


Step 3: Edit and Arrange

Step 3: Edit and arrange.
Easily sort and edit your media as you wish!

Once you’ve uploaded and received all of your media, you can start reviewing and editing your video! VidDay makes it easy for you to complete your vision—no editing skills are required, and you can edit as much or as little as you want.

You can:

  • Crop images

  • Trim videos

  • Choose a video theme

  • Choose background music

  • Arrange media in any order you like


Step 4: Finalize and Deliver

Step 4: Finalize and deliver.
It's fun making that person feel special.

Is your video greeting perfect? Are you ready to send it? This is the best part!

  • Once you have everything the way you want it and are all done, VidDay will complete and finalize your video. (For an extra $5, you can have someone from VidDay personally review your video clips and photos.)

  • You’ll be provided a unique link for your video. You can share it online, send it directly to people via email or text, or you can download it as a special memory and keepsake.

  • Anyone on any device can view your video.

See? That was simple and fun!

Wouldn't your grandma love to receive a Holiday video like this?


Imagine the Love They’ll Feel When They Open Their VidDay

This holiday season is unlike any other. It’s more important than ever that we spread as much joy and compassion as possible to not just our loved ones but to everyone!

VidDay can be used in various ways to help you make sure that this holiday season, while different, is filled with love.

Watching a VidDay holiday video greeting

Christmas Video Greeting

If a greeting card that took you only a few seconds to write can bring light to someone’s life, just imagine what a personal video message that’s been professionally compiled and edited will do!

The time you take in making that person feel special will absolutely put a bow on their Christmas and holiday season.

Just imagine...

Your loved one is sitting by their beautifully decorated tree. They have a glass of eggnog in their hand and are enjoying the serenity of Christmas morning. They open their computer, hit play, and within moments, a smile works its way onto their face as heartfelt, meaningful Christmas wishes delivered personally from their friends and family play right before their eyes.

VidDay makes the most wonderful time of year even more wonderful.

Give VidDay a try and start a holiday video greeting.

2020 Moments Video

Do you ever look at the calendar and go, “wow, where did the time go?”

Yeah, us too.

VidDay lets you capture important memories and moments in time.

These days, it’s important to remember the good times and cherish the moments that made you smile.

VidDay makes it easy to create video time capsules that remind you of special moments, memories, and experiences.

  • Vacations or trips

  • Weddings or ceremonies

  • Birthdays and special moments

  • Years in review (yearbooks)

It’s like having your very own home movie production studio!

Give VidDay a try and start a 2020 moments video.

Customer Thank You Video Card

This has been a year unlike any other for businesses, and it looks like this new normal isn’t going anywhere.

VidDay has the ability to help you connect with your customers, clients, and colleagues in a variety of unique and effective ways!

  • “Thank you for your business” messages

  • A holiday well wishes from the entire team

  • Corporate holiday messaging

  • Special videos instead of holiday celebrations

Give VidDay a try and start a customer thank you video.


Every Day Is a Good Day for a VidDay

It’s a different world out there from the one we’re used to. Haircuts are less enjoyable, sports look weird, and everything smells like hand sanitizer, but it’s in times like these that we need each other most.

It’s in these moments that connecting with those we care about is more important than ever.

Show them you care with a personalized video greeting.

Spread the love with VidDay. ♥

Give VidDay a try and start a Holiday Video Greeting today!


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