The Convenience of a Web App

Here are the Top Three benefits of using our cloud-based online video montage maker.

1. You can create a video montage as a gift from anywhere, anytime.

Our online service is a cloud-based web app which means you don't need to download an app. Instead, you can use VidDay from any web browser, on any computer, tablet or phone with an internet connection. All you need to do is log in to access your account and get started on a new video montage.

So go ahead and start a video montage on one device and continue at a later time by inviting people to submit videos and photos from another device. Plus, you'll get notifications in real-time when people submit their videos.

2. You'll never lose or misplace your videos.

When you create a video montage with VidDay, all submitted video clips and photos from you, or the people you invite to collaborate, are stored in the cloud. We'll keep all your videos and photos so that you'll never lose access to them, no matter how many you've uploaded. The only way we will delete them is if you personally ask us to.

3. You can watch your video montages from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Since your VidDay video montages live in the cloud, they are available to watch from any device that has an internet connection. Log in to your account to access, edit and share your video montages with friends, family and anyone else who was kind enough to contribute with the click of a button.

We strive to make VidDay a better and more intuitive experience, so that you can get on with enjoying the meaningful moments in life. Thank you for letting us make the special moments more memorable.

Vidday collaborative video maker for birthdays, weddings, retirements and more.
We're proud to be an eco-friendly, sustainable gift for all occasions.

We're trying to be a positive force in the world and we appreciate your support! The positive feedback has been overwhelming. It motivates us to keep working all day (and often all night) to improve our service!

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