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Support Troops With A Tribute Video Greeting

When a loved one is away on military deployment, it’s important to show them how much they are loved and appreciated. When a friend or family member leaves for deployment, changing stations or assignments, entering the military for the first time, getting out, or retiring from the military, nothing fills their hearts more than knowing that the people in their life support and love them.

An army guy watching his vidday on a laptop

Nowadays, technology makes the time apart easier by helping military families stay connected. Hearing a familiar voice or facetime with a loved one brings comfort to the servicemen and women stationed overseas or away from home. Although, it is not always easy to stay connected with military members that are deployed on combat missions since they often cannot have cell phones because of the associated security risks for themselves and their units. During these times, a soldier will cherish having a picture, letter on hand, or small memorabilia from back home.

On matters of gifting, everyone is a unique individual with their specific likes and dislikes. However, considering someone is away from home, the smallest gifts can have the most significant impact. It’s great to send things they may need as comfort items, such as toiletries or a good book. Although, as your first choice, sending things that remind them that they are loved is the more memorable type of gesture.

Personalized Videos Make the Best Gifts

It’s no secret that deployed soldiers love to receive written letters and photos from back home. A personalized message from home inevitably brings warmth to any recipient’s heart when they’re far away from everyone they love most. Of course, a written letter beats an email when it comes to personalized messages, but a video message takes the cake since the recipient can see and hear the person on the other end. That said, when it comes to sending a care package or gift, what matters more is the thought behind the present and not the money spent. Sending a personalized video greeting makes the recipient know that you put some thought and effort, and you did not just spend money on something which looks pretty.

Make a Tribute Video to Send as a Gift

Ditch the hallmark cards and generic care packages and send your loved one a video montage compiled of video messages and photos from everyone back home.

Use VidDay, a custom video greeting website that allows users to quickly rally personalized video messages—filmed by friends and family—into one epic video compilation to be delivered to your loved ones deployed overseas. You can easily send a group video greeting with VidDay, allowing troops to carry their loved ones with them, serving as a constant reminder of the love and admiration from back home.

Creating a tribute video made of pictures and video clips from friends and family, sending their love and support is always a home run. A video compilation from loved ones back home will fill their hearts and minds for the journey ahead. Our military troops need to be reminded of the importance they have in protecting our nation and the personal impact they have on their loved ones.

We recommend, especially for the holidays or any special occasion, to send a tribute video to a service member or veteran who is:

  • Injured, wounded, ill, or in rehab

  • Deployed and away from loved ones

  • Returning from deployment

VidDay lets you collaborate on a tribute video with friends and family to support a deployed loved one.

VidDay, The Video Gift Maker, is proud to help everyone give love and support with a group video gift compiled of video messages and pictures from friends and family living anywhere in the world. Our video compilation app makes the process of creating a collaborative video montage easy to do. All you need is a phone, tablet, or computer.

No app download and no editing skills required!

Our video maker will help you rally a group of friends and family to create and submit video messages of love, admiration, and encouragement for a loved one in the army. Our web app then helps you easily compile and arrange the submitted clips into a beautiful video montage that can be easily emailed or messaged to the person you want to surprise. You can read our blog post on how to make a video montage as a gift to learn more.

A custom video montage is genuinely a sincere gift to give a soldier who is away or leaving for military deployment. Soldiers miss their homes, family, and friends. So, it’s also important to let them know you miss them. Sending a video message to a soldier is a great opportunity. Your words can make a difference in the heart and minds of service personnel.

Wherever the troops are in the world, we have a deep admiration for our servicemen and women. We believe that a personalized video as a gift can be a powerful force in their lives, especially when facing hardship or loneliness.


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