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How to Create Professional Training Videos

Video has always played a central role in employee training. Companies used to dust off the old VHS tapes, pop them into the player, and a cheesy health and safety video would play.

employee training videos

These videos did get the job done. But technology is a little more advanced now — thankfully.

New technologies have made it easier to create and share visually engaging training videos.


Why Make Training Videos?

With VidDay, you can create training videos that feature employees walking through different company procedures or scenarios and is an invaluable resource for new hires. From day one, training videos allow you to set clear expectations.

Let new hires get to know your company and their essential role within it with video.

creating employee training videos

Training employees can be more in-depth with video. It gives them time for employees to pause and take notes, go back and re-listen to something, and is handy for them to go and re-watch at any time.

Video training gives a better understanding to a new employee because:

  • Pictures and images are more likely to be remembered than words

  • Video is way more engaging than other media types because video blends different methods of communication into one format

  • Video provides richer visual context and tone than text

Plus, creating training videos with VidDay will help eliminate the need to coordinate schedules, set up a time to provide one-on-one training, and review job basics. Now you can share a single link with new employees. With this link, they can watch it in the office, at home, or wherever you'd like your new hire to be!

Training videos with VidDay saves you both time and money.


Create a Training Video in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Select Your Topic

You need to know precisely what you are trying to accomplish with your business training videos.

  • Introduction to job training videos

  • In-depth job training videos

  • Department-specific training videos

  • Health and safety training videos

  • Skills training videos... and many more.

Having a complete understanding of the message and the knowledge you convey is a massive part of what makes a good training video. If there is something that is a particular skill set, ask someone from that department to help you.

Step 2: Create Your Outline

This is the most critical step in your process. First, write down the main ideas that you're trying to convey. Then, from those main ideas, branch out different details that you'd like to cover.

Your main points will help you create focus points in your training video. Then, having additional information to back up your points, helping to keep your video focused and not all over the place.

You'll use this outline later to create your script.

Step 3: Write Your Script (Optional)

You can choose whether you want to have a script or not. However, we suggest you have a script that you practice while preparing to record the video. We recommend having a loose script to keep you on track during your recording — just bullet points of each subject to help you guide yourself through.

Once you've done a couple of practice videos, you'll feel more at ease, and you can speak by simply looking at the outline but, if this is your first video and it's going to be a short one, it could be a good idea to have a script.

You can hire someone to record a voice-over to an audio file and then just edit the video accordingly.

Step 4: Ready? Set? Action!

You'll want to record your training video(s). Choose somewhere with a neutral background so that nothing will distract the viewer from you and what you're saying.

When you're done recording all of your videos, you can upload them into your VidDay account.

creating employee training videos

Here you'll be able to put them in the order that makes the most sense for your company. Plus, you can add graphics, pictures, or text cards to help make your training video even more engaging.

Pro Tip: Record each subject matter separately. This way, when you upload them into your VidDay account, you'll be able to play with the order to see which one has the best flow.


Make Training Videos With VidDay

VidDay makes it easy to create professional videos for your business. These videos can be tailored to any position for any company. With VidDay, it's fast and easy to make professional training videos.

how to create employee training videos

Feel free to email us if you have any questions or if you'd like to partner with us: [email protected]

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