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How to Use Collage Themes for Your Video Gift

We'll tell you everything you need to know to get the best results from our Collage themes.

 make a Video Gift with VidDay's collage themes
Collect and compile video messages into a beautiful Collage theme.

What's a Collage Theme?

A Collage theme takes screenshots from submitted photos and video clips to create collage-inspired background scenes.

Our Collage theme series offers three variations;

The three versions of the theme work the same; the only difference is the background scenes' lightness.

Here's an example of a 50th birthday video made with our Collage light theme

Here's how to use VidDay's collage theme:

If you don't want to use a Collage theme for your video, VidDay offers other themes that don't have screenshots in the background scenes—like Gift Wrap, Watercolor, Floral, or Simple.

VidDay offers over 30 beautiful video themes. Each theme is designed to make your video montage extra special.


Can I Control the Background Scenes?

The order and arrangement of the background scenes are random. You can't specify the collection of screenshots placed behind a featured photo or video clip.

But you can omit individual video clips and photos from being used for the backgrounds. If you do not want to use an image or video clip for the background scenes, you can toggle a button to remove it.

VidDay's video maker editing tools.
You can omit individual video clips and photos from being used for the backgrounds.

With VidDay's video maker editing tool you can click a photo or video clip from your media gallery on the Event Page to preview it. In the preview mode, you'll see a button on top of the media that says Part of Background. Tap this button to state that you don't want a screenshot of this media in the background scenes.

After you tap the button, it will say Not in Background.


Our Suggestions

To achieve the best results with a Collage theme, we suggest uploading plenty of photos. A good rule to follow is to upload four pictures for every video clip submitted.

If you have lots of photos, we suggest excluding all video clips from the background collage scenes.

This theme still works with only video clips, but there's a chance that screenshots taken from a video clip will not look the best. There could be screenshots with unflattering close-ups and people blinking.

It's also best to exclude photos with text, as they can be too distracting.


Some Other Features

There are a few other features you can use to customize your video.

You can toggle the button to turn off background music.
Do you want background music during the video message?

Turn off the VidDay Background Music

If you do not want our background music playing over a specific video or photo, you can toggle the button to turn off the VidDay background music.

This feature is handy for video clips that already have music and would clash with the VidDay background.

Increase the time of a photo in your VidDay
Do you want to spotlight a picture in the video montage?

Increase the Time of a Photo in Your VidDay Video Montage

Photos are featured for four seconds by default. You can tap the time button to feature the photo for double the time—to eight seconds.

This feature is handy if you have a picture that has text that viewers need more time to read. Or a photo of a large group of people that required more time to look.

You can turn off the audio of a video clip in your VidDay video
Do you want to have audio from the video clip?

Turn Off the Audio of a Video Clip in Your VidDay Video

You can turn off the audio of a specific video clip if you need to.

This feature is handy if you don't want the music playing in a submitted video clip and only have the VidDay background music playing instead.


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