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How to Create the Perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah Video Montage

The Bar or Bat Mitzvah comes once in a lifetime. So whether you’re celebrating at home, at Synagogue, or at a banquet hall, you can celebrate your child coming of age in the Jewish faith and community with a Bar or Bat Mitzvah video slideshow with VidDay.

Perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah Video
Perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah Video

Have a blast at your party with a slideshow documenting their lives with pictures and video messages from friends and family, and even get your Rabbi or cantor to join in on the fun.

Bar Mitzvah Montages

VidDay's Bar Mitzvah video maker

It’s easy to collect videos and pictures from friends and family. All you have to do is invite them to participate in the video montage. You can request people to join by sending them a unique link — this is where they can upload all of their video messages. You can send them a link through text message (SMS), email, or WhatsApp — whichever is most convenient for you.

Get friends and family to send their videos wishing him all the best and submitting old photos they have of him. Then, create a montage that includes all of the footage of him growing up, from baby pictures to videos of him playing his favorite sport to photos of him.

If you’re not ready for him to grow up just yet, add some baby pictures to add a touch of nostalgia — perhaps a little embarrassment for him too.

Bat Mitzvah Montages

A jewish could recording their Bat Mitzvah video

Have everyone celebrate a Bat Mitzvah with a montage video. Once you’ve collected photos and videos from friends and family, the media will be located in your VidDay account.

Here’s where the fun begins. First, you can drag and drop the videos and pictures into whichever order you feel is best. Then with our preview feature, you can check to see how perfect your bat mitzvah video turned out.

From funny high-chair photos to dance recital videos, add anything to your video montage that shows your daughter growing up. Show off pictures of her receiving awards or on a school trip.

It is a great gift to make her Bat Mitzvah party one of a kind.


How to make a Bar Mitzvah video for the party

VidDay offers a simple and easy-to-use platform for creating Bat or Bar Mitzvah video montages.

Making a Bar Mitzvah video from their mobile device

Here are the easy steps to create a Bar/Bat Mitzvah video montage with VidDay

Step 1: Create an "Bat or Bar Mitzvah" event in seconds here

Choose "Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah". Enter the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child's name and the date of the celebration.

Step 2: Invite contributors

Invite family and friends to contribute photos and videos to the video montage. You can send them an email invitation or share a link to the event.

Step 3: Choose a theme

Choose from a range of beautiful themes to personalize your video montage.

Step 4: Select the music

Choose appropriate music that matches the theme of the video. You can choose from a variety of royalty-free music options.

Step 5: Customize the video

Easily arrange the photos and videos in a way that tells a story about the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child's life. You can add text cards and GIFs to enhance the video.

Step 6: Preview and Finalize

Preview the Bar Mitzvah video to make sure it flows smoothly. You can make changes and edits as needed with unlimited preview. Once you're happy with the video, you can select "Finalize".

Step 7: Share the Bar/Bat Mitzvah video

Share the video with family and friends, either in person at the celebration or online if they can't attend in person. You can download the video or share a link to it on social media or email.

By following these steps, you can create a beautiful and memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah video montage. VidDay makes it easy to collaborate with family and friends and create a video that celebrates the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child's life and achievements.

B’nai Mitzvah Montages

Create your own B’nai Mitzvah video with VidDay too! Get together with other parents to create a beautiful video montage of the B’nai Mitzvah. You can separate the video into segments for each kid. Or you can mix it up!

Choose any clips or pictures of first steps or school plays that will capture your kid’s years before the event. You can sort all your pictures and photos linearly to tell the story of everything being celebrated.

Just ensure that both Bar and Bat Mitzah will get the same attention.

Happy Bar Mitzvah Wishes

In this video, we've compiled some of the most heartfelt and inspiring Bar Mitzvah wishes to help you celebrate this milestone.

What You Should Consider When Creating Your Montage Video

  • Influential people in their lives to submit photos and video messages.

  • The Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s favorite colors, memories, and hobbies.

  • Choose fun music and a theme to match the party’s excitement.

This heart-warming video montage won’t just have Bubbee smiling but will get the entire party loving it too.


Do you need help with a Bat or Bar Mitzvah Video?

We offer 24-hour customer service; we are here to make you smile with anything needed. Please email us anytime at [email protected] or use our live chat to speak with a live customer service representative.


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