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Graduation eCards by VidDay: Celebrate Their Big Day Digitally

VidDay Greetings is leading the charge in transforming how we celebrate educational milestones with their innovative graduation eCards. 🎉

Make their Graduation Unforgettable with a Custom Video eCard

These eCards merge personalized touches with digital convenience, making them perfect for celebrating a graduation.

Imagine the excitement of sending not just a card but a personalized video greeting, possibly paired with a thoughtful gift card, all presented in a sleek digital format.

Let's explore the enticing world of VidDay's graduation eCards.

Unique Graduation eCards for Your Grad

A VidDay Greeting Graduation eCard Sent with a Gift Card
Celebrate the class of 2024: send a free personalized graduation eCard with a gift card.

VidDay offers a wide selection of engaging designs for personalized graduation eCards.

These customizable eCards are considerate and provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper cards.

A Gift Card Loaded with Money to Redeem
Adding a gift to your graduation eCard is simple: just add funds, and the recipient can redeem them to choose a gift card of their choice from a variety of options.

You can choose from various themes like "Graduation Day," "Class of 2024," and "Future Awaits" to deliver your personalized messages. Each design allows you to celebrate the graduate's achievements with a distinctive flair.

Graduation eCard Designs by VidDay Greetings
Show your pride with a unique graduation greeting eCard — perfect for any graduate

How to Create Your Graduation eCard with VidDay

Creating your eCard is quick and fun:

1. Select a Graduation Theme

2. Personalize Your Message
  • Customize your eCard with a video message, an audio clip, or a photo collage. Whether recalling school memories, sharing funny classroom moments, or expressing pride in their accomplishments, your greeting will uniquely capture the essence of the graduate's journey.

3. Add a Gift Card (Optional)
  • Enhance your graduation eCard with a selection of gift cards. This thoughtful addition adds an extra layer of celebration to your congratulatory message.

4. Send with Joy
  • Deliver your eCard directly to the graduate’s email or phone, spreading happiness and recognition on their big day.

Why VidDay's Graduation eCards Are Exceptional

Personalized Video Messages: VidDay's video message feature allows you to include video messages, turning your graduation wishes into an engaging and memorable experience. Record and send celebratory messages, share heartfelt congratulations, or inspire with future wishes.

Gift Card Options: You can complement your graduation eCard with a gift card, allowing the graduate to choose a gift they'll enjoy.

The Joy of Digital Graduation Greetings

VidDay's graduation eCards offer more than just digital cards; they represent a modern, heartfelt, and personalized way to celebrate academic achievements. Including video messages and optional gift cards, they provide a unique, sustainable, and personal way to connect with graduates.

In addition to personalized graduation eCards, VidDay also features a graduation video maker.

Graduation Video Montage Maker
Make a surprise Group Video to celebrate the graduate.

This user-friendly tool lets you easily collect and compile everyone’s congratulatory messages into a single, impactful surprise video.

Whether you're creating a tribute video as a graduation gift or sharing achievements with friends and family, VidDay's video maker adds more fun and emotion to the celebration.

Explore VidDay today and start creating an unforgettable graduation experience.


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